My Hair

Hair has always been important to my self-image. I have always worn it long, unclipped, untethered, unrestrained. I associate tying up my hair with working. All of those jobs of my earlier working life required tying up the mane. I once had bouncing baby curls, as an Anne Geddes style baby photo will attest to … Continue reading My Hair

Movie Gems for St Patrick’s Day treats!

A reboot for the day that is in it😊


I like delving into nostalgia like this. Sometimes the past can make you lonesome. This type of remembering just makes me smile!

Smiley Coffee Cup copy[1].gif

Hope you are enjoying today wherever you are! Maybe you would like a little movie viewing. Here are my choices that match the day that’s in it. Lots of you will know these incredibly well. Others will not. Whether you like them or not is up to you.  Each and everyone are classics of Irish TV and will be found on the box when we wear the green.

1. Flight of the Doves


A tale of two children with a fabulous surname, Dove. They must get away from their wicked uncle Tobias and find their Granny who lives in County Galway in Ireland. A true fairytale! I have blogged about fairy stories recently and all the elements are here. See Hairy Tales. I loved watching this as…

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