Sunshine Blogger Award🌻

Blog nomination fun abounding once again. I have been very lucky to have had lots of smiles coming my way recently. Another benefit of being a blogger- the virtual greeting cards of blog awards. This one is sunshine.

Thank you Hot Mess Memoir! I love Angela’s funny and often sarcastic view of life as a parent, worker and general member of society. The rants


are particularly fun. Keep on talking Hot Mess!

I have never been nominated to the Sunshine Blogger Award before so am loving it. Throwing a little sunshine my way and I can throw it yours. Positivity at its best.


Getting through the festive season is fun but also we need to watch ourselves due to a lack of actual sunlight. Christmas distracts us and then we have the miserable ‘drive to work and back in the dark’ time of January where anxiety levels can rise and happiness takes a nose dive. Vitamin D, save us Please!

So it is more than timely to have this this award now as the days lengthen, the daffodils begin to climb towards the light and we feel the joyful tickle of Spring.


We say goodbye to the brief visitor that is the snowdrop.

Hello to the daffodils

4 Simple Rules for Nominees

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post. Link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

The 11 questions posed by Hot Mess Memoir:

  1. Why did you start a blog? I talk about this a little in the About Me section of my blog and I have also given another few words on Twenty Questions With – Orla. My reasons to start were to do with a need to find a new way to express myself when I had my children. My life had changed. I was in a different world, a wonderful in many ways world, but desperately grieved for the me who loved to read and write at will. Blogging allowed for this whilst parenting very young children. I never expected the extra benefits. The friendships, the groups, the support. This is why I will continue to blog even though my reasons to do it have changed.
  2. Leave a link to your favorite post. Why do you like it so much? Five Ways to Love those Love handles!. This would always feature strongly in my top five personal favourites but I definitely pick it for this post as I think Hot Mess might appreciate the satirical side of my blog!
  3. Do you have any regrets about your blog? What are they? I learned to blog many years ago and I had a turn at it then but didn’t fully get it. I wish I had stayed going. I wish I could have blogged about my travelling days but may be I would have regretted it. I don’t know!
  4. What is your current favorite show you are watching? I am loving Irish, Cork based comedy The Young Offenders which tickles me despite how rude it is. The two main characters are just plain likeable and I can imagine teaching them in my class. Hilarious. Billy Murphy might be my new favourite fictional being.
  5. Why Aren’t You Watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Yet? I hadn’t gotten the heads up until now, but this will be remedied.
  6. It’s the end of the world and your bunker will hold 3 more people in it. Who are they? Easy. The Papers. My husband, Gigi and Betsy. The girls are only small so we will fit in Sugar the bichon too…

    My first time to feature on the blog!
  7. I’ve just given you a check for $1,000 (£723.33) and the only caveat is you can’t pay a bill. What do you do with it? I think I would have to get the house painted. How dull, but how happy I would be every time I drive on the road into our home. Remember, my blog is about little things that make you happy! I might have money left over to get the next section of the swing set for the girls. They would love that. Once upon a time I would have gone on a city break! I have actually got 827.37 in euro which isn’t bad. Actually, there is no way that would cover the cost of painting…swing set it is.
  8. You’ve been convicted of a bank robbery and sentenced to 5 years in prison. You are able to select one of the following as your cell mate. Who do you choose and why? Gilbert Godfrey, Mama June or Omarosa. I am aware of all of these but they aren’t terribly strong on the Irish radar. I knew Mama June the best from an ill advised time in my life where I watched the horror show that was Honey Boo Boo. The other two choices would want to be pretty horrific for me to take this vile bullet. Looking at ‘sketty’ physically repelled me on a screen so no thank you to a real life version. I cannot deal with Trump or blatant hypocrisy so no to Omarosa. I will take the controversial comedian, who will roast me alive, but I loved Aladdin so that must count for something. I could close my eyes and pretend I am back in Euro Disney listening to Iago.
  9. Who do you wish followed your blog and why? I think this is hard to pick. It isn’t like dinner party guests etc. Possibly government ministers. The Taoiseach. So I can feel heard when I whinge about their ineffectiveness. Obviously writers I respect too! They can see my posts on beauty in Ireland.There is a friend who I would have loved to see my writing so maybe her too. Apple or Samsung? Samsung for phones and apples for break time.
  10. What is the last dream you remember? I was on a Viking experience which was too realistic for comfort. I was holding two cups of takeaway coffee which were spilling and my tights were around my ankles. The worst possible Viking. Sorry you asked now, aren’t you?My Eleven Questions for Nominees:

1. What is your best way to relax?

2. Avocado on toast, cauliflour rice or endame beans- which trendy nibble would you eat if you could only have one of these to feed you for an entire week?

3. Which dystopian world based text had the most effect on you?

4. What is your version of an actual perfect world?

5. What gives you a little fright every time it happens?😨

6. Intimidating, introspective or idealist- which is closer to your personality and why is that?

7. Which year would you care to revisit from your life and why?

8. What can make you petty?

9. Zoos. Yes or No? Why?

10. You must emigrate and spend the rest of your days in either a suffocatingly hot climate or a bone freezing sub zero temperature. Where would you go and why?

11. Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Sofia Copella or Quentin Tarantino. One of these famous directors want a to make the film of your life. Which one of these would you select for the job and why? (Spielberg wasn’t interested. Sorry!)

My nominees:


Champagne in a teacup

Milly’s Guide

Unfold and Begin

Losing the Plot

Unbound Roots

Watching the daisies

We are holistic

We’re a little bit different

No love for fatties

Banshee Irish Horror Blog

Have a lovely day of sunshine midst the snow. Apricity!

The Pramshed


26 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award🌻

  1. Congratulations Orla! And thank you so much for the nomination!! I’ll be writing my answers later today! *she says as she sits and eats het avocado on toast for breakfast* no lies…its straight up delicious

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww… I love this, Orla! Congratulations, and thank you so very much for the nomination. I can’t wait to pass on the Sunshine. 🙂


  3. I love the questions that Angela asked and your responses. I also like the questions you asked your nominees! Favorite trendy foods? That’s awesome. I’ve not heard of cauliflower rice, so I’ll need to check that one out for sure. You picked some excellent bloggers and you are certainly full of sunshine. 🙂


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