The Miracle of Jenny’s Kitchen

Saturday mornings are swimming mornings in the House of Paper. We take to the pool in Tullamore and our little girls blow bubbles whilst kicking their legs and telling anyone who will listen what they ate for breakfast.pexels-photo-226597.jpeg

Simple. Innocent. Fun.

We sit at the side of the pool with all of the other parents/minders and helicopter parent like two stage parents.bitmoji-20180328053400

After the sport, we eat.

This Saturday we took to the pretty little Jenny’s Kitchen at the back of the shopping mall for our lunch out.Picture_20180327_105402628.jpg

It was here the girls had their religious experience. It wasn’t the food- the food is good but it wasn’t that- no. It was far more holy.

Gigi needed the toilet. Once done, she was washing her hands and announced in a jelly-tot enduced type of excitement, ‘There’s baby Jesus, There’s baby Jesus!’. Having had no jellytots, this was very loud for ordinary hysteria. Thankfully, I am typically stoical in the face of the supernatural/ miraculous so a quick glimpse assured me that it was a statuette of a mother and child on top of the toilet bowl. We weren’t hitting Fatima/ Knock territory here. Could do without that, I can tell you. Enough is enough. The toilet wouldn’t be turned into a shrine anytime soon. The ornament wasn’t even a religious one from what I could tell, more the kind you get for a new parent. Pretty though. I considered the real miracle was the fact no one had stolen it yet but I noticed it had been glued down.

Just beside the hand drier…

Leaving the bathroom, Gigi announced to the world and its mother that she had seen baby Jesus in the toilet with his mother. His mother was kissing him, she declared. The apparition had suddenly upgraded to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Not to be outdone in miracle sightings, Betsy had to have a gander.

In she went.

Betsy emerged beaming beatifically. ‘I saw baby Jesus in the toilet! I saw baby Jesus in the toilet with his Mammy!’.

Two apparitions in one day.

All in the the bathroom of Jenny’s Kitchen.

I always knew that heaven would serve baked goods.

If you ask either child now who they have seen in the restaurant toilet, they will inform you with an emphatic seriousness. ‘Baby Jesus!’.bitmoji-20180328053917

As a child raised in a predominantly Catholic society, I had heard of all the miracles over and over. Frankly they terrified me. Six year old me was in horror of having a vision. As far as I saw, it never ended well for the person involved. Think Joan of Arc. Bernadette of Lourdes. No thank you.

The girls were quite happy to have seen their statue apparition.

I had my comfort food, lasagne. The girls had their spuds and veg. Picture_20180327_175558323.jpgMr Paper had a delicious looking minestrone. The staff worked on regardless. Picture_20180326_135106761Jenny’s Kitchen managed to satisfy us both in nutritional nourishment and with a bit of an injection of spontaneous Christianity albeit a dubious one.

Enough of that seeing visions for one day. Back to normal madness.

Mrs Pots also appeared over our heads but we had had enough at that point and the food was getting cold.

So, in summary Jenny’s Kitchen:

Food- excellent 

Seating- very good

Parking/ accessibility- very good

Service- excellent

Value for money- excellent

Religious sightings in the bathroom- very likely.

The Pramshed


43 thoughts on “The Miracle of Jenny’s Kitchen

  1. This made my day! My daughters ALWAYS had to use the public toilets, no matter where we were. The moment we entered any building it was a must to find the toilet, they were obsessed. However, they never had any religious sightings. Just the loud observations regarding various smells, and sounds.

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    1. How fabulous are those little ones ! 💕You have made our Easter in Jenny’s kitchen with your blog ! its the things we see everyday , will now look so different! happy Easter to you all.
      From Jenny and all the girls X Thank YOU

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  2. This is so cute! I can imagine how confused bystanders would be after hearing baby jesus was in a toilet. Happy Easter! x


  3. What a sweet story. I just love the innocence of young children, and the excitement when the find something special. Jenny’s kitchen looks adorable too!


  4. I have Thing 1 and Thing 2, Thing 2 announced that he no longer believed in God (he’s 7) because he had broken the handle of his wardrobe and prayed that God would fix it. When the handle was still broken the next morning, Thing 2’s faith in God evaporated faster than his big brother can devour chocolate eggs. He would be quite pragmatic lol!


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