OneBookOnePost #8 Fiction

A Man Called Ove is one my favourite books of all time. This is a big compliment! Therefore, I like to see what else Fredrik Backman is up.

Backman has an impressive set of skills when writing in a variety of genres. He is certainly the king of comi-tragedy but as I recently discovered with Beartown, he can portray social drama (without the caricatures that are often dotted through his work) excellently. It is as if a totally different person has written the book.

Anxious People is parodic at times, depicting a somewhat animated version of a bungled hold up and hostage situation where at least one giant rabbit costume features. The inside cover of the book, front and back, displays sketches of the characters, adding a fun visual to the text.

I enjoyed the book for what it is- a comedic look into how people react in situations they feel are dangerous and also how people relate whether they are long acquainted or basically strangers. This is no Ove, but it is a light relief.


Anxious People, Normal People, Ordinary People- we are getting through them all this year!

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