OneBookOnePost #11 audiobook

BorrowBox is a wonderful app. Download an audio book, pop on the Bluetooth and listen away- for free! Or at least, library membership.

I have been trying to avoid the repetitive, sensationalist news headlines that each new crisis brings. My return to work in August meant a new audio book instead of grim click baiting stories. The Black Dress by Deborah Moggarach has kept me company for the last few weeks and it really has made me laugh. Was it meant to be a comedy? I don’t know. Dark comedy possibly. It surely was a funny book though!

The black dress is a loose symbol/ prop that binds many narrative threads together, all focused on the dramatic life events of septuagenarian Prue. Broken marriages, murder, love affairs, financial predators, sexual experimentation, hunting for love at funerals, and a lot of wine, muddle to make the twisty plot.

The fear of loneliness is the driving force behind most of the daft decisions made by the bewildering antaganist. The arrival of COVID-19 is dealt with wonderfully in the book and is my favourite section, building up to an interesting resolution.

After my initial first impressions that this story would irritate me, it actually became highly entertaining and had me bark with unexpected laughter. I do hope it was meant to be comedic!

If you enjoyed those TV shows that sattirised Agatha Christie mysteries, then this is for you. It’s not easy to find a book that truly makes you giggle and by god, we need it.


I so desperately wanted a man!’

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