The Magic Stolen Hour in the Eye of the Storm

Storm after storm has battled our coastlines. Rain, wind and hail repeatedly threaten the passivity of our outdoor lives. Last night, we felt  the wrath of storm Imogen. This morning,there are broken flowerpots and ceramic animals laying about the front lawn, but myself and the girls are nestled gently in the eye of the storm. Peace has descended. Calm has arrived!


Both little ladies have been sick. Today is the first day in two weeks, I can honestly say the little Papers are healthy and well. The storms have raged, yet they too have passed! King Lear can finally sleep. Relief and normality are sipping tea and nibbling Hobnobs at my kitchen table. They can visit anytime!


The eye of the Storm is a wonderful phenomenon that I learned about as a child  through watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I think we shall have many more gales to weather but this morning, we are looking at that iris and pupil with smiles.

Both little girls took extra sleeps this morning. Their calm little faces, free of the torment of what they had suffered are works of art to rival any of that in any national gallery. When I stopped staring, I used that magic stolen hour wisely and happily.


My dogs were cuddled and released to run outdoors. The laundry pile is finally diminishing, as if Alice in Wonderland visited and left behind her ‘Drink Me’ bottle in the dark night.girl-29409__340

The last pile…for awhile!

Breakfast was eaten and digested guilt-free and at a regular pace.

Loving that!

All toys sit patiently awaiting their little leaders to wake with commands. Wind occasionally rattles in my chimney. The makings  of beef stew are poised for cooking. Baby Betsy casually mooches awake. She is cooing.I see Gigi in her cot ‘reading’ her books. My girls are well again. Bring on the storms! We will stay happily indoors. All is well in the Paper household.




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