Mother’s Day/ Mothers’ Day. You decide!

It’s a great idea in theory! I relish  the idea of a day off. A day off with permission. Greedy Mammy for a day!
What would greedy Mammy do? Well, a nice spa.


Pool. Fruit infused water.


Books. Bath. Perfect hair.


Cuddly, fluffy jammies. Nothing sexy mind! Read a little. Snooze a little. Eat a little. Eat a lot. Snooze a little. Snooze a lot. You get the picture.




Get lost in a world of fiction where the laundry doesn’t matter and the people can wipe their own bums. Mostly.

Leave a house in somewhat an ordered fashion. Return to a ‘freshly laundered’ version. The dry cleaners’ lavender fresh one. Squeaky clean happy family. Smiling babies. Contented Daddy. Revitalised Mammy. Aghhhhh. ..

What an image! Greedy though. Greedy, greedy mater.

Know better lady!I know I wouldn’t appreciate the cleaners.  I reckon I would look for weak spots. Inaccurately replaced cup. Forks in the wrong cubby. At least I will say this to make myself feel better at their non existence.

Gigi gave me a beautiful card on a Thursday. I love her drawings and the most modern of her carts adorn our walls. This will never be clutter. It is an Anne Geddes delight.

Melts my heart x

Betsy had a little more help.

She smiles and suddenly the puke in my ear doesn’t matter.

Mr Paper knows that I love to cook and would love to bake more. Bake off obsessed and all that I am, he did his research and I got my bible.

I can aim can’t I!

Finally, I must gripe about the fact I had both written and published this post and something corrupted that I don’t understand. I only realised an hour or so ago. A lot of work gone. So please believe me when I say the original post was quirkier and lighter, with more anecdotes! I had had a less tough day and was feeling a lot more energetic and, um, happy, yes that is the word!  I am also embarrassed that after all my careful checking, something unfinished was published in my name. Apologies. Hopefully the updated one stays cool.

Why do you hate me technology! I love your megabytes, search engines and Internet. Be nice.

I had wished one and all a happy Mother’s day. Mothers’ Day when including you all and mother’s day when thinking of myself. When I had originally written, the day itself hadn’t happened.  It’s been and done now. I might share that tomorrow. Let’s just say I am ready to sleep and forget the whole thing. Grumpy puss! ! It was both beautiful and dreadful. Utterly unforgettable.

Happy day, shall we say,whether you are a Mother to a child, a pet, a plant, an idea or a dream.


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day/ Mothers’ Day. You decide!

  1. That is rubbish that your first post was lost! 😦 But still, this is really sweet and I hope you continue to have awesome mothers days!!

    P.s. This part really made me smile! “She smiles and suddenly the puke in my ear doesn’t matter.” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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