The year gone by on my window ledge

Whether I like to admit it or not, I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink. Cleaning. Looking out the window. Planning.

Yesterday I paused to clean the actual ledge! I realised how beautiful the items on my ledge are. My past year is symbolised and when I took the time to look, it made me smile and appreciate my sweet world.

The birth of beautiful  Betsy last October.

A late card. So pretty I want to look at it for another while. What a wonderful event. It feels like we have had her forever, not just a mere four months.

A Santa lollipop and a single rose.

Gigi received this lollipop as a gift at Christmas but she isn’t eating jellies just yet. She doesn’t know about sweets so I will hold onto that bonus  as long as I can!  However, I couldn’t throw Santa away. He is not going in with decorations as he is food! Gigi loves pointing at him and saying ‘Sata’! I can’t hand him to another child as I feel hypocritical. My child can’t eat a copious amount of sugar so here, yours can! So we have Santa on our window in March!

I received the rose for Mother’s day when we were out and about. Very beautiful. Mother’s Day/ Mothers’ Day. You decide! That was a pretty stressful day!! However, like everything, the edgier parts are fading and now I have a rose to recall the lovelier parts.

Our daffodils.

This is where we stand! Wonderful Spring days have arrived. So beside my Santa, my rose and card, I have my medium sized milk jug filled with the first daffodils of the year from the garden. They are a joy.

A framed copy of the Irish Proclamation.

Not on my ledge! Yet it deserves a word here as yesterday marked 100 years from when it was first read at the start of the Irish Easter Rising. Brave men and women who fought for our independence. See here for more

The wearing of the green.

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s day. The official wearing of the green! We will eat good food, pray, sing and watch parades. Many will party hard. My partying priorities are altered and I am happy about this! This year my little girls will dress up, we will watch marching bands, eat sausages, black pudding and soda bread and shout at rugby on screen.

So I challenge you! Look at your window ledge! What does it tell you about your world? Maybe you would like to share? Please tag me if so!

Have a lovely St Patrick’s day!

Enjoy this wonderful song as my gift to you, the Irish operatic legend, Count John McCormack. The Wearing of the Green

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