A little bit of what you fancy.

Friday is bake day around here. Gigi and I attempt to make something edible when Betsy is napping.  It is messy, flour ridden and dirty. I have no idea if half the ingredients needed to make the bake work actually get in to the bowl. It is all trial and error. What comes out of the oven may not be fit for man nor beast. Priorities are not in the eating here. It is all the ‘mix,  mix, mix!’. It is for Gigi and I to have our quality time.

Our inspiration is one of Gigi’s favourite stories. ‘Spot bakes a cake’. She loves that dog.


I love to bake myself. However it is experimental as baking is a science and myself and science are confused by each other. So for Fridays, I often buy those packets where you add an egg, mix away, pour and bake. I leave the scientific recipie baking for when I can consume myself by it. Generally Gigi barely notices the finished product! She just likes the fun. I try wholemeal breads and scones mainly. Sometimes buns and sponges. Rarely chocolate. I love it, but I try other things on bake day if I can!


Gigi has been sick again. A few days of random throwing up amidst bouts of smiles, laughs and tearing about the place. Yesterday she went to bed at 5:45. Wrecked from the strange bug. This morning was bright and beautiful. She was smiling and ready for porridge. All seemed quite in order. We weren’t going to miss out on our bake! This afternoon we went for the best treat of all to make. I don’t give Gigi chocolate as a rule. Today however we made rice crispie buns. Just this once!

Suddenly Gigi cared about the finished product. A little less mix,mix,mix and a little more taste,taste, taste, I was lucky to have any crispies left to mix with chocolate by the time it melted!

She loves this ‘game’ so much. So much chocolate is involved however,  I only let her lick the spoon a little (like Spot),have some taste testing and we have packed up the rest to gift to the Nanas. Except two.  One was for Daddy. Given to him instantly as he walked through the door. The other is a cheeky treat for later. For me! Naughty Mammy!

Spot bakes a cake.jpg
Proud as punch!

So The Holy Grail is here. Today I choose not to fold. Cook. Clean. Anything.  Just for fifteen minutes. I am having that treat with my book and coffee in hand. Thank you Gigi for the mix,mix,mix! I love baking with you sweetie. Next time we are probably back to scones!

Guilty pleasure.

Grace licked the spoon.  I had a cake. We both feel great. Beth is smiling at her sister’s game. Sometimes we all need a little bit of what we fancy.

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