A Moment

In this moment…

Everyone is asleep.

Except me.

It is midday. Saturday. Chaos is not reigning.

Outside rain pounds the pavement.

Hailstones appear.

The dogs are indoors. Asleep.

Both babies dream.

A poorly husband, rarely ill,  gone upstairs to nap, is fast asleep.

He will be cross I didn’t wake him. It is rare he sleeps.  He needs this.

I am awake.

I am awake and living vicariously through Guy Martin,  watching him attempt take the World Record on the Wall of Death.

I watch him risk his life. I am safe behind a red LLBean quilt. Eating sausage casserole. Planning tea and a scone.

All in a moment.

Guy Martin Record Attempt

(Inspired by Eavan Boland poem ‘This Moment’. What I have splattered out is not meant to be a poem!)

I set a little challenge now. Why don’t you read the poem and describe your own moment in time? Please tag me!

If you like!


22 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. Having left the children still in the nest phase, and while loving and liking my husband dearly, I have my special moments. Like you they are when I’m alone, can do whatever I want, and don’t have to communicate with anyone,

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  2. Oooh this is lovely!! A gorgeous description of a moment!! Although I’m sorry your husband was poorly, and I was wondering why you weren’t napping too…!! I’ve never tried to write like this before-if I manage to put something as good as this together, I will tag you!!

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  3. Do you have a crush on Guy martin as well? Mrs Bryntin does but I’ve tried repeating everything I say at least twice like he does and she just finds that very annoying.

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  4. Enjoyed the poem–particularly as i have a snuggly LLbean blanket myself. Those moments of blissful quiet when everyone is sleeping are worth noting in a lovely poem, just as you wrote. It’s as if time has stopped and you’re all alone, except it hasn’t and you’re not. Like having cake and eating it too.

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