Relaxing at the Weekend

I suppose the whinger inside me thinks that one of the first things that you give up as a Mammy is relaxing at the weekend. It is like you have to go back to basics and experience absolute chaos before you slowly but surely start to find relaxing moments in your two days away from your actual job. Or so I hope.

know that playing with these children will be part of future relaxing weekends. I also MUCH prefer being with then than at work. It is not relaxing though people.

A family celebration last night meant guests here this weekend. These are close relations so not too stressful. I still felt under great strain yesterday however after work as I jumbled bags, babies, shopping lunches and a burdening desire to use the loo from four o clock until six pm on my initial arrival home. I had to preplan weekend meals, children’s sleep times and outfits before our first official external babysitter arrived! (This means a babysitter that I am not actually related to and will pay). Party stated at nine. House guests coming at eight. My stress levels making pinging sounds as they extend to levels they should never reach started before everything else. Food eaten. Plates washed. Babies sleeping. To the pub we went. Late home. Dodgy sleep. Three beers is far too many for me these days.

That was Friday. Evening only.

This morning saw a feed for baby at half five. Alarm ringing for Mr Paper to milk cows at six.  Toddler awake at seven. My sister in law and little niece up too. Playtime. Dishwasher. Bottles. Floors. Surfaces. Nappies. Dressing. Redressing after spit ups.  More nappies.  Dogs. Frying sausages and rashers. Tea. Coffee. Toast. Crumbs. Softening butter. Dishes. Surfaces. Floors. More bottles. Nappies. Everyone goes for a walk except Betsy and I. Crying. Cuddling.  Solid food attempt. Spitting. Smiling. Dishes. Surfaces. Nappies. Everyone over. More cousins.  Toys.  Snacks. Peppa. Dollies. Pretending.  Floors. Surfaces. Tea. Coffee. Cold drinks. Hungover heads. (Mine was fine at this point. Just tired. ). Lunches. Nappies. Naptime. Fighting naptime. Actual naps. Catch up. Dishwasher. Dogs. Freezing lunches. Others go out for lunch. I choose to stay with the babies and not disturb their naps. Simpler than organising leaving the house with smallies too. Bear in mind I have had no shower.

I am not breast feeding. Pixabay didn’t have a bottle feeding image! Please make a mental visual swap.

It is now two pm. I have had ten minutes with pasta, followed by coffee and chocolate. My head boils over with thoughts of what needs to be done and I don’t see how it can ever happen. Ever! In the whole future!! Hoovering? Mopping? Bathroom cleaning? I want to jump up and begin to move mountains. I know though that I don’t have long. I am on the wait for the babies to wake. I have about fifteen minutes to enjoy what is now my relaxing weekend.

A small cry for ‘Mammy’ is keening across the hall.

Little pet.

I must go.

Bye bye ‘relaxing’ weekend.


16 thoughts on “Relaxing at the Weekend

  1. Hahaha….yes, wave “bye bye”! I find that as the kids grow older, it does get even busier with other commitments. Sometimes the only social we have on are the kids’ activities. Your post made me chuckle and nod along in agreement, but alas, say “good bye” we must to relaxing weekends. It may or may not come around again, once every blue moon. Thanks for linking with #bigpinklink

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