My Two Year Old

My almost two year old has reached the big milestone. She has actually turned two. I cannot believe how time has flown yet it feels like she has been with us forever. A little dream.

A Special Cake for a Special Day

I look at photos from the last two years. She had no hair. A sparse sprinkling of Homer Simpson style ribs appeared. Slightly more hair grew. Wispy ribbons of ash blonde hair twirled outwards. Eventually a mop of curls topped that pretty head. I had a curly haired child. Me! The coveter of ringlets all of my young life with my own iron straight hair refusing to hold a twist of any kind. Miracles can surprise you by their content.


The photos make me stare. I am enthralled by this little, constantly changing, being. I can barely recall what it was like to hold her as a six month old. Cuddle her as a nine month old. Encourage her to walk as a one year old. She is now two and can talk to me. Tell me her wants and loves. I think I could never forget how she feels at this stage. I know that I might.


I will never forget the baby to toddler smell however. The scents and aromas I associate with her from baby wipes to yoghurt, shampoo to pink Calpol. Each one has a positivite connotation attached as it is distinctly her.


Gigi was born a day before she was due. A little early, or just in time, however you see it. I like to think she will always be a punctual lady. We were overwhelmed by her absolute prettiness. I know every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful.

It is just bizarre that out baby actually was. 

I definitely thought I must keep a very close eye on her as anyone would want to steal a child so dainty, perfect and sweet. Was I irrationally over protective? Yes. Rightly so too.


That baby smell. Oh wow. We just held vests and babygros to our noses as if they were lilacs and buttercups. Lilies and snow. I don’t even use talcum powder on her so how does she have that powdery pleasantry on her little fingers? Part of the package.


One week after Gigi came home, she became very sick and we had hospital time. Something to discuss again. It really means that her birthday is a wonderful event and a celebration worth enjoying. We will never take our babies for granted.

To the actual partying ! Her crèche made a cake and a fuss. All grandparents called over her birthday day and we made a cake and a fuss. She was thrilled by the singing and candle blowing. Watching her eat her own piece competently with a fork still astounds me. This time last year she was still eating with her hands.

Presents came. Toys that we hope she will love.

A giant-headed Princess Holly with wandie.

We organised a party with the children in her world for the Bank holiday Monday on a pet farm. Turning Two is being a big event!

Birthday Balloons featuring THAT pig she loves.

The magic of our little girl makes me believe in all things good.

The most amazing, almost unbelievable fact is that we have it all over again with Betsy. Her beauty. Her magic. I do wonder. What did we do so right that we were given the most perfect TWO babies ever born? Like they say in The Sound of Music ,‘somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good’. Maria and the Captain say it like it is.

Gigi’s Giant Princess Card and her One with a Badge
A Little Treat to Read
A BIG Treat to play with!

So we continue to celebrate the wonder and joy that is Gigi as our little doll turns two. Our walking, talking creation. Our first little girl.

We are blessed with Gigi and Betsy. Turning Two is a wonderful event.

Happy birthday little one.



5 thoughts on “My Two Year Old

    1. Gigi says thank you…from her sick bed unfortunately. Posting on that in due course. She did get some nice celebrating in however and ironically is obsessed with a new toy doctor’s kit! Thank you for nice message though!

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