Surviving Unexpected Toddler Bugs

This blog is An exercise in happiness: An Irish parent’s project. This week we were enveloped in sickness, our poor little girl had a nasty virus that refused to be evicted. As we are tentatively hoping that this may be the end of it, I am going to look at those ‘little things that make you happy’ when dealing with watching your toddler in misery. Maybe they didn’t make us all necessarily happy but they definitely helped us get through a muddy puddle of a week.

  1. 20160505_124129.jpg
    Cuddles and love

    Cuddles for all the smallies, all week long are important for them but for you too. A big snuggle with your little girl, her curly head sunken into your neck will always invigorate and give you the energy to hold back the Jelly Flood and give her the love she needs. Teddies have been very important this week with this lifelike, adorable plush panda playing a starring role.

  2. 20160505_123927
    Aromas that disguise and delight

    This gift could not have come at a better time. I have been trying to clean all week but as soon as a floor was mopped something would happen. When a toddler’s tummy is out of sorts, there are many unpleasant odours to contend with. Opening the windows a tad and lighting a powerful candle for a bit can just lift the mood. This candle was a gift from my sister in law for my last birthday. It is a fresh scented joy!

  3. 20160505_124038-1.jpg
    A little bit of what you fancy

    One for the grown ups. A day at home with your sick children, who are usually healthy, is very tough. I work with teenage boys all day and have worked in tough schools in tough areas where kids just don’t want to be there. That is challenging. This is harder. Watching your precious child suffer has no equivalent. The stamina required from you is relentless. At the end of a hard day with sick children, the diet can take a small breather. Take a small treat. You will need it. We did. Ours was chocolate. What else?

  4. 20160505_124015-1
    Hydration station for all

    Gigi needed water all the time and we also kept trying to offer her dioralyte to replace lost fluids. We keep full bottles everywhere. I also have an empty pint glass by the sink for myself and Mr Paper to keep drinking water. I especially drank a lot of sparkling water this week. It keeps me healthier and happier. I am a fizzy drink fan unfortunately limit myself as much as possible. This is a good alternative. I love the fizzy water! Gigi just likes ordinary water which is great and definitely kept the need for hospital at bay as she did not become dehydrated.

  5. 20160505_124122-1
    Planned entertainment for that hour or so that you might get in the evening

    Cartoons play a role in distracting a sick little missy. Having watched Peppa boss, lecture and jump in puddles half the day, it is only fair to have our own TV time. Like most of the world, we love a good story. Boxsets (Netflix etc) are the way to go to watch a TV series and we had a dinger waiting for us each night. We could only afford the time to watch one episode per evening maybe, but it was a worthwhile hour. Frank and Claire Underwood have kept us hooked with their conniving, machiavellian methods that would make the Macbeths look like the Sylvanian bunny family. Seeing how awful the world can be definitely helps you appreciate how lovely, rare and important your own little nest is. Having the dvd etc ready to go means that you make the most of that free time to flake out and didn’t waste it on dodgy soap operas.

  6. mother-310135_640.png
    The love and support of Nana

    Nanas. In our house we are very lucky to have two nannas very close by who can aid us in stressful times. This week has been tougher as one set of grandparents are away as is our baby’s childminder so we are in all sorts of difficulties juggling our work and home duties. My Mam has been around and extremely helpful. She called with my dad most days and brought staples such as milk, bread and baby wipes. I know we aren’t all lucky enough to have this so I definitely am grateful to add nannas to the list.

  7. blackbird-163503_640
    The sense of an ending

    Today Gigi and I had several really cute moments that showed she was coming back to herself. I was hoovering this morning. Each time I stopped the hoovering to move to the next room, Gigi cheered and called ‘Well done Mammy!’several times. She had never done this before. It was so cute and it really helps to get the housework done having your little cheerleader support you! I also put on a pair of blue trainers that she hasn’t seen before. As we went out the door, she looked to my feet and said,  ‘nice sues Mammy, nice sues’. I was chuffed with that compliment I must say! Seeing her little personality sparkling away makes me hope that we are beating the bug.

  8. 20160505_123956.jpg
    A place to distract

    I am so proud of our newly refurbished sunroom/playroom. Gigi’s new kitchen (birthday gift) was great fun for moments of good health. She ‘made tea’ and we sat to eat and drink pretend food even when real food was off the cards. Baby Betsy has her own entertainment in this room too and could bounce away happily as part of the action whilst attacking a helium balloon!

  9. 20160505_142638-1.jpg
    Keep the grub simple or delivered!

    This is not the week to make your curry paste from scratch. I can do this and often have, but this week it was jarred sauce for curry and simple pasta dishes with tinned tomatoes as a sauce base. Several evenings it was a Chinese or a chip shop run. We had to eat to keep ourselves active even if Gigi couldn’t. We did give her food that she might take that wouldn’t upset her. She sometimes had a little. Once I had fresh purees for Baby Betsy anything we could do easily for ourselves was fine. Lunch was kept simple.

  10. Lemony water. I just swopped morning coffee for hottish water with fresh lemon slices. I know it has tons of benefits and it just starts a potentially rough day well. I love coffee. I love savouring it however and would feel cheated with a rushed cup so this alternative is great. I could sip when able and keep the ‘good’ cup of coffee for a time of day I might actually drink and enjoy it! In reality, I had several days of one or no coffee as a result. Every cloud!

Here we are. Over a week later and finally the little lady seems to be on the mend. We were challenged but once again we survived! There are so much worse complaints out there yet it is hard to see the wood for the trees when you are immersed in this virus. Let us hope we can keep bugs at bay for another while. In the meantime, tactics,tactics, tactics! Stay positive!

10 thoughts on “Surviving Unexpected Toddler Bugs

  1. Great advice here! There is nothing worse then your child being unwell. It is truly awful. I’m so glad you got through it. My two are always giving me compliments and it’s so sweet isn’t it? Gives you a real lift! Thanks for linking with us. #bigpinklink

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  2. I really hope that Gigi is feeling better now, it’s so hard when they are ill. It literally takes all your time and focus, and makes looking after them so much more challenging. Chocolate is a winner when the day is bad, just to go off and have a nibble provides a little escape away from it all. Our daughter has not been well recently with a chest infection and laSt week I was stuck in the house for 3 days unable to go to work. This weekend I managed to sneak an hour to read my book on the beach which was pure bliss. Time away from it all is a brilliant remedy for adults too. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


  3. It is so tough but I bet your reading time was extra special. I think of all those lovely reading hours I had in college!! Didn’t appreciate it!! Have some chocolate waiting for me here for later too. Hope all feeling much better as we are😊 thank you for hosting #fortheloveofBLOG


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