Sunscreen and Raincoats

There is no rhyme nor reason to the weather we are experiencing.

Why can May not be May??

I know our environment is changing and we are all to blame.

But I am confused. 

Living in the right now, it is a world of difficulty leaving the house. I just cannot deal with the uncertainty. Sometimes I don’t want to go out (on those voluntary trips at the weekend etc) because I hate all the luggage. The planning is unbearable and filled precariously with unpredictable pitfalls.

Today we have rain. Yesterday we had spells of rain and a lot of heat. The weekend was blissful, halcyon days of azure blue skies and everything just that extra shade brighter. Before that, we had had hailstones.Wind that ripped apart the flowers. Showers. Dryness. There was snow in some areas.

Beautiful Saturday by the river.

With today’s rain, we have a warmth. Stickiness. Humidity. The students in school are listless and ill at ease.

The teachers at school are pretending not to be listless and ill at ease.

Inconsistent madness!!

Our little girl’s birthday party was a downpour between two scorchers, see Talk to the Animals. Party dress and welly boots, very Lily Allen. Raincoat.


Scorchers arrive. Full change in all departments.  Short sleeved vests. Light shirts. Shorts. Sunscreen. Sunhat. Suddenly your carefully prepacked travelling bags are out of date and use within 12 hours.

No sooner than babies are in light jackets than there is a cold snap and you are fleeing inside desperately grabbing for lined hooded coats, tights and woolly hats.

I have worn sandals with a raincoat. Hooded duffle coats in the morning and sleeveless tops only in the afternoon. Open window at night and within a day an extra shirt on in bed. Sun cream and a scarf. Sunhat and woolly socks.

Wasps have invaded my classroom and students have sweltered. The next morning they are shivering cold and dripping with rain.

It is just not fair! !

Make up your mind weather.

It is hard enough being Mammy without you adding to the possible breakdown of the fragile, tenuous sense of organisation or routine we so carefully outline.

Give us a break please elements!  😇

Are you sending us a message Mother Nature? Are you telling us that you  will fry our brains with paradoxically challenging weather until we stop frying your planet?


Message received.

Can we come to an agreement? As two members of the Mammy group? I can empathise with you. You love your home. LOVE your children. Just sometimes, you feel unheard. Unappreciated. Your children are driving you nuts. They know the right thing to do but they just won’t do it. Or you are trying all the right things with them but wonder why won’t it work?  This I can understand. Can I just make a plea? From us? From one Mama to another? In the Paper house, we have truly tried to diminish our carbon footprint. Mr Paper is going green as possible on the farm. We use geothermal heating and not oil or fossil fuels. We recycle. I can go one step further! I will ditch my deodorant. Fire out the Febreze. Abandon ALL aerosols. Does De-Icer count? Just because, you know sometimes you throw us a frosty morning…not complaining! Just saying! The De-icer is handy, that’s all!!

I am begging you! Please can we have normality back. Please!


11 thoughts on “Sunscreen and Raincoats

  1. Although this is from two years ago, you could be describing this May’s weather! I love, love, love the picture of your little girl walking with hands behind her back. So cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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