Five Ways to Stay Happy when being Mam gets Tough

It is no secret to anyone that I have no problem admitting that sometimes being a parent is like wrestling an octopus. An octupus who is an Olympian wrestler. In a Jelly Flood. It is a paradoxically delightful and horrifying time and last night was one of those witches that came out of the blue, unannounced and armed with wandie. (I didn’t swear. Honest).


So we are tired. Teething. Crying. Baby sympathy crying with baby. When did that empathetic crying start?? Why can’t I join in?

Any SATC fan will remember this scene. Charlotte sobs in the cupboard when it all gets too much.

So yes. I could really whine about my complaints this morning. There are so many. I am broken in bits since having baby two and the injuries won’t just bog off.

Today however I am going to drag myself out of the wallowing mud pool. Instead I am choosing to focus on the positive. It is difficult but I need to stay happy. This is for you all who are struggling. Babies or not.

So here are a few ways to stave off the feelings of losing it.

  1. Small Steps. Think in small, achievable steps. Lunch time. Playtime. Bath time. Bed time. The brain will thank you. Routine may take over but you need it.
  2. Happy Food. I am comfort eating at the moment and it is bad. Think full packet of Fox’s Chocolate Rounds. No help.
    Naughty temptress.

    Yes, I said packet. I know I always feel better about life after eating an apple but the masochist inside me heads for the biscuits, despite being in possession of some sort of intelligence that got me a bachelor degree and a masters degree. I need to pick up the apple. Bananas are good for mental health they say. Nuts are too. ‘Stay sane’ food. We need to do it. Think happy banana, crotchety biscuit.

    Banana joy.
  3. Make a day release plan and stick to it. I am heading out tomorrow night with colleagues and my husband and I are having a weekend away later in the month. I have thought up twenty reasons not to go to either. I still am uncertain if I will go tomorrow night. Why the self sabotage? I was never like this. Therefore I must abide by my own rule. Stick to the plan! Talking to the outside world will maintain my internal sanity, possibly quelling an internal squeal. You will reconnect. We must leave the situation to want to return to it.

    Comfort in company.
  4. Belly Laughs. If your toddler isn’t in form for them, ring a friend and meet for ice-cream or a walk. The story about the poo on your shoes as you head out the door for work will become hilarious in the retelling and you may forget the urge to put your head through a glass window.bitmoji-20160601034116
  5. Indulge a Passion. At a rough moment, give yourself the promise of five minutes to do something you have a passion for. Sure, you may not get to it for a few hours, but whatever you do, DON’T TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT!! It could be reading. Nail painting. Running. Or mine, which is writing a new blog post. I love that blank page inviting me to write. Blogging reminds me that I am not failing in life and in fact the struggles only make me stronger.
    I love the ability to view potential this page evokes in me.

    There we have it.

The burst nappy. The inexplicable tears. The tantrums. They will all pass. Dimples. Chuckles. Baby magic. They will all remain.

You as a person? That will return too.

Stay kind to yourself in the meantime.

Myself? I will put down the biscuits. Take my own advice. You know, before it goes too far…

Apple? Where are you? Show yourself! I need to stay happy. Bite, please.

Apples shouldn’t really have faces. Hopefully I am not the only one who can see it. Otherwise I will need to seriously revise my plan.

22 thoughts on “Five Ways to Stay Happy when being Mam gets Tough

  1. I used to say I needed Inspector Gadget Arms like the kid’s television program. Inspector Gadget could extend his reach with his robot-like arms extending from his body. I believe he would then get about 8 arms like your octopus image. Whenever I have to reach for something on the top shelf, I secretly wish for these arms.

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  2. Still wrestling an octopus almost 10 years later and it has not got any easier!

    When my first son was a baby my only goal was to be up, washed, dressed and to have had breakfast all before lunch time! #BigPinkLink

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      1. My boy has a few extra things going on. It dis get easier by now with the first son. This is just a whole new experience!

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  3. Motherhood can be the toughest job out there. Your tips are all fabulous and I think it can be really hard to get stuck in a rut and start to avoid social situations do forcing yourself to go to things is very important! Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

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  4. All this is so true! After my second I struggled so much to even go out but your right, you kind of have to and try to ignore that nagging voice that says don’t!! Sounds like your doing a fab job to me! #bigpinklink

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  5. Always stick to the plan and have your own play date! It’s the only way to keep your sanity (whether you have children or not..but even more important when you have children!)

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  6. Glad to see that this was some time ago, hopefully things have settled down xxx

    Step away from the biscuit 🍪 😆


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