Why is Everyone Crying?

Why is everyone crying?

This is the question that I have found myself saying more often than not recently.

Out loud occasionally but to no listeners.

They are too busy crying😢😦

There have been quite a few occasions in the last while where I have been quite ready to tear my overheated, clammy, uncomfortable skin off. Our smallest girl is very unsettled and has cried a lot, sometimes for up to four hours. It means she is stressed, we are pained watching her pain, we get no evening time and in the morning (Betsy awakening at normal time and seemingly unaffected by last night’s high jinks), we are zombies.


Could it be the heat? We have had days and days (really!!) of temperatures as high as 26°. This is miraculous in our world. She might not like it despite wearing light clothes and being well protected etc. I am not great with humidity either. It is our pale skinned, dark haired, freckled of face origin. We are not sun friends. It could be uncomfortable for her too. She can’t tell me.


It could be food. She might be ready for another day time feed, we thought. We have therefore added a feed so now she is on three meals per day with bottles. We hope.

It could be food intolerances. I have followed a structured ‘three day for a new food’ structure to rule out digestion problems but I always thought she didn’t digest her bottled food easily anyway. I went to the doctor on numerous occasions and am on a waiting list for a specialist in the hospital. We should see the doctor before Betsy turns thirteen. The list is ridiculously long. Sarcasm is required here. I mean at that stage I really hope she can tell me, ‘Mammy milk makes me sick’ or whatever. I feel just helpless. In fact helpless doesn’t quite cover it.

Teeth. Of course.  We all think that is the problem and I reckon it is. Try being confident you can ascertain the cause in the middle of a crying blast though. Hours of discontented baby can make you question your own name. Medicines, teething gels, amber beads, teethers, cool wash towels and prayers aren’t helping.


What next?

She is now difficult to put down for naps. I find it very tough. Rocking in her chair is the only certainty and that is not a good thing to do.

Mothers. We are hard on ourselves, aren’t we?


Gigi is trying to help with soothers and toys. She has been great, yet as a normal two year old she bangs her head, trips up, gets frustrated and then she might cry. Weird things upset toddlers. Today pineapple chunks made her extremely upset. It took a while (and hysteria) to make me realise it was because they weren’t just apple.

On the occasions when both smallies are crying, devastated and upset, I think I cannot cope. I stand there bewildered and desperate, and ask, ‘Why is everyone crying?’.

I have energy at the start of the bouts but by the time they end I need to lie down.

In a cupboard preferably. A silent one.

Naturally I never lie down.

Rocking in rage.

Have you heard people refer to babies as ‘good’or ‘cross’? Those phrases make my blood boil.

Labels attach.

My little sweetie is friendly and smiling. She is sociable. She loves people.

She is just having it tough and us along with her.


Two front teeth? A top row to complement the bottom?

Whenever you are ready guys, we are waiting. Little choppers, stop giving my baby such a tough time. Fairy of teeth I am willing to testify anywhere out loud and defiantly that I do believe in fairies but please use your influence to help Betsy’s little teeth break through.

We promise to return them in a few years.


In the meantime. Betsy is crying. Not all the time, but when she is,  it is shrill enough for us to know she has pain. We are on edge. I want to cry, but find I am best at holding tears in when they are most required and let them flow to an emotive song, film or montage instead  (Up take a bow). Today I read Harriet Evans’ very touching Butterfly Summer for five minutes in a carpark while Gigi slept and I nearly lost it totally.

If you loved fairytales as a child, this one is for you. Gripping.

Responsibility as a Mammy made me put the tear inducing book away. I am sure Mr Paper wants to cry. The dogs are howling. Gigi is crying when it all goes wrong.

We are smiling when we can. Tough cookies. We will get through but in the meantime it is heavy weather. Both types.

If you are in the same boat, or related slightly, please know I am thinking of you and all the others out there who think they can’t do it. It is that word ‘cope’ again. It does rhyme with hope. Is that something?

We just have to see that we are doing it and we have to know that it will get better.

It does get better, right?bitmoji-20160611114619.png
The Pramshed

32 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Crying?

  1. I have always felt jelly when seeing your pics because of the weather and now I know. I couldn’t hack it!!! We don’t have Tylenol but we have baby Calpol and Nurofen neither of which seem to make a hit. Maybe they are and the pain could have been worse though.
    (Did I use ‘jelly’ correctly as a term?! )
    I know things will improve!


  2. I found that baby anti-pain/fever/inflammation knock out the teeth pain fast so maybe it is the heat crabs. Combo solution, freeze a banana and let her gnaw on it. Best of luck and today I’m hiding in the AC!

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  3. Ah poor you, I could literally have written this. My eldest is one and from the day she was born she has cried. She is always so unsettled! Like you say she can be happy and sociable but my word what a screamer. Here’s hoping it something that they grow out of!


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  4. You are so right about labels. Teething is an absolute nightmare. I also cry often when Mother dares to leave me for a minute to go to the loo, for example. I cry because I can 😉 #fortheloveofBLOG

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  5. Yes, it all gets better with time. It’s such a tough job being a parents, it’s lovely to get it off our chests and blog:) I loved your post about your break away at castle leslie, it’s good to have some you time:) Thank you also for visiting my blog, it was nice to hear from you.

    mainy – myrealfairy


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  6. It sounds as though you have a baby the same age as mine. Whilst Sophie doesn’t cry all the time she is extra extra whingey right now. I don’t know whats going on with her either. It’s so hard isn’t it when we cant communicate clearly with one another. I hope you get it sorted soon. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  7. Wow that’s so so tough. it’s so hard when they’re small and can’t tell you what the problem is. My toddler cried hysterically yesterday because she wanted to go in the other room!


  8. I remember the tough Mum times. I am pleased that they all have long legs and their own hankies pressed into suit pockets or handbags. Now I am the one who cries for those days where pressing warm bodies to echo my heartbeat soothed all in the world. X


  9. Right this second, I have a 2 year old that has been crying about everything and nothing most of the morning. I put him down for a nap half an hour ago. He’s just happily playing in his cot and not sleeping! I’m taking a bit of time out and will fetch him in a few minutes, and then the stress will continue this afternoon no doubt! But as you say, it can be frustrating and upsetting and really hard being a parent – and writing about it is a perfect way to connect with others who understand 💙


  10. I sympathise with all of you ladies been there done it, got the t/shirt scenario…it does get better and it is so horrible when you just don’t know why they are crying…I didn’t have blogging and thought I was the only one with this baby who cried but you girls know it is just part and parcel of motherhood..Who is it who paints those rosy pictures??? Shall we kill them now???

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  11. Oh, God, yes, it DOES get better! (As I know you’ve since learned from your assurances of this elsewhere!) So glad you’re on the other side of this, but aiyiyi, you brought me right back to my 7yo’s “colicky” first year in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I think telling ourselves that things CAN, WILL, ***MUST*** get better is all that gets parents through the rough spots! 🙂

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  12. I find myself missing the years when my kids were little, but then I remember some of this, and I’m happy where we are now. 🙂 Luckily these days do pass, but they sure are stressful when you are in the midst of them. I hope everything has turned out to be a bit easier by now! My kids are 7 and 8-years old now and I swear, it’s my favorite age so far. 🙂

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  13. Sometimes Mommy needs to sit down and have a good cry. And if you do it while the babes are crying, then it throws them off and they aren’t sure what to do. I am so glad my 30-year-old doesn’t put me through this anymore!

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  14. I hear you and it does totally get better, but for now it’s just about surviving the day which is easier said than done. It’s so tough when you don’t know what’s wrong with them, but as they get older it gets easier. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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