Hairy Tales

Reblogging this piece as my little girl becomes fascinated by Cinderella and loves Frozen… we are on the hairy tale path!


Have you ever read the original Cinderella? Snow White? Or the Snow Queen for that matter? Not as dreamy or romantic as you may think! Sleeping Beauty picking fleas medieval style out of the Prince’s hair like a monkey. The wicked step mother wishes to eat Snow White’s liver  Fairy tales are associated with love, happiness and dreams come true. Yet they must have the elements of nightmares to contrast and thereby maximise the effect of the happy ending. These classics of our youths were often inspired by something fearful or threatening.  It is fair to say that behind all fairy stories we can see a dark, sinister undercurrent. One that we may not want our children to experience. Violence, abuse, abandonment,neglect- and that is just Little Red Riding Hood.

little-red-riding-hood-1130258__340 Barefoot, defenceless little girl alone in a forest. There is a scene in ‘Breaking Bad’ far too similar in theme.

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10 thoughts on “Hairy Tales

  1. Ha, I found it odd when I read a lot of my old childhood stories to my boys in the past. Reading them as an adult made me think ‘oh my work what the actual….’ , but didn’t make me love them any less for the nostalgia 😉

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    Stevie 🙂


  2. I’m now going to go back and read all the originals, I have read a few over the years but not for quite some time and reading this has made me want to look at them again. I have to admit though that I am all for happiness and positivity not so I’m not sure the darkness of the ‘hairy tales’ will have the same allure it previously had but I definitely need to see! Thank you for linking to #bigpinklink


  3. Some of them are so dark aren’t they. When you stop and think that these tales are for children but it’s all part of childhood isn’t it.


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  4. It’s funny to read this today as I read the gingerbread man to my daughter last night for the first time. It was a new phonics style book and I haven’t read the original for 30 mumbles years so I’d totally forgotten the ending and was so surprised when he ended up being chomped by the fox! I think I’ve also become so coddled by the children’s stories of today that it was a real shock to me and I ended up bursting out laughing and showing the hubby. A friend of mine is convinced that Walt Disney had serious parent issues as just about all of the parents in Disney end up meeting a grizzly end within the opening scenes? This was a really interesting read and I started watching the Heartless story but as little ears are around me right now I think I’ll have to save it to watch later on. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

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