Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards Parenting Blog Shortlist…thank you for choosing us!

Well, we are all a little bit humble at the Paper house today. I was delighted that we had been longlisted in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards for Parenting blog. Shortlisted? That, I didn’t expect! bitmoji-20160817031353

I have been blogging since January. My main reason was to combat an overwhelming feeling of well, being overwhelmed. I suppose it was to combat a depression setting in. I made this website my therapy calling it An exercise in happiness: An Irish parent’s project.

They say when you feel blue that you try do something or you may have to take something. Writing being my passion and dream, I had found myself drifting further and further away from it. This parting often made me shiver. One day, probably whilst googling my millionth baby question, I stumbled onto the idea that I could blog.  Therefore I had a go. I blogged. So far it has been wonderful medicine. I have had plenty of tough moments since starting. I just wrote about it. Why is Everyone Crying?was one occasion. Or The Fear. Of course there was a most memorable Mother’s Day lunch too – Lunch out with little babyboos. It didn’t eradicate my humour. It did help however. My posts are helping me and knowing others sometimes checked in and seemed to like them too…blew my mind. I tried staying positive. I write more posts like Five Ways to Stay Happy when being Mam gets Tough.  I made blogging friends-a bonus. I really didn’t expect to get to feel as if I knew other people-but I do. I love the comments, chat and banter with other bloggers. Discovering new linkies. Hiding in the bathroom to read other bloggers’ work. The hiding is something other parents will understand. I blog mostly on my phone. Babies love to grab phones…

Hiding on the babies!!

The experience has been cathartic.  I look forward to more blogging.

Time now for me do a spot of fishing. ..bitmoji-20160817034154

The next stage of the awards includes a public vote. I would hope, if you have time and would like to, that maybe you could send a vote our way. We would be very grateful! I have a link below and will shortly add one to a badge on my page.

I am not expecting a win. It is fun to play though..😃

Thank you!

Vote now by clicking HERE!

14 thoughts on “Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards Parenting Blog Shortlist…thank you for choosing us!

    1. Thank you for your comments and especially thank you for hosting! I love the name of this link. Looking forward to reading more of the other links…when I get the smallies to bed😊😊#ablogginggoodtime 🐴


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