I’d Like to Know…

Every day is spent asking questions. Ambiguous. Vital. Pointless. Out loud. Silently. Through gritted teeth. Cheerily. Grimaced. Happily. Passive aggressively. Rhetorically. In need of reply. Vague. With a smile. As part of the internal monologue. ..bitmoji-20160814073922

So today I am penning it. Today I would like to know the following. Don’t expect deep philosophical mind benders. In no particular order…

I would like to know….

  1. What happened to Elizabeth? ? I can’t get to finish my book!IDShot_540x540 It is just that reading (my absolutely FAVOURITE thing to do) is taking a backseat because of my baby world. That is OK. It will return. In the meantime it is taking me ages to read a book that once took no length. This doesn’t matter for some books, but this one demands my attention. I love this story, poignant and bittersweet as it is. I have an idea of what may have happened to Elizabeth (but not Sukey) I just need to finish the book to be sure! Maybe page turners are the best if you don’t have time to turn the page? More suspense.
  2. When will ‘rested’ be a consistent feeling again? Two small children. I can feel your eyeroll!  I can ask though, can’t  I?!tumblr_inline_o0r213bJsn1t3a9o9_500.gif
  3. Where does the dust and dirt come from? In such quantities. At such speed. Why can’t dust swap with money?? Why do I care so much about cleaning when a clean home is so temporary?anigif_enhanced-12587-1400056496-6_preview.gif
  4. How much will my work life change in the next two years? My job is changing. My school is amalgamating with another. It is our school however that moves site meaning the physical and probably emotional alteration will be ours. I love my job and school. I hope so much that I will grow to love the new. This year is our last in our old school. I am allowed to be a little emotional surely? Change I can handle. Two small children bring a world of change already.  I can’t handle too much more…
  5. Who killed McGonagall?  You know when a serial TV show features a killer (serial or otherwise)? You spend weeks. Who killed JR/Mr Burns/Lucy Beale etc? In fact I never got into any of those particular mysteries. Who killed Danny in Broadchurch-that sure got me hooked. So my husband and I follow fairly new Irish soap Red Rock. Nasty garda McGonagall got his comeuppance. We all are gripped to know whodunnit. They end the series on a cliffhanger for the summer. G’wan. I will barely care by September! !red-rock.jpg
  6. What do my new glasses look like? Is my face now different to the outside world? My precious angels, my little girls must take mutual blame here. Ask Gigi who broke my glasses however and she will give you the large, eye blinking ‘Betsy did that’ reason. Betsy was pulling them off my face. Gigi tried stop her. In the fracas a leg came away. Do I need them badly? Yup! A sellotaped Jack Duckworth style wearing week later, I have new ones. I chose swiftly. I have taken no time to see if they ‘suit’ my face. Children give you that freedom. You no longer have time for trifling worries! It is only a sporadic minute (like now) I wonder if I changed much and am interested in how little I care where once I cared so much. I took no selfie. Am I out of touch?

    Lived to a good age.
  7. What will the good people at Glenisk do if my daughter loses her taste for their yoghurt? gleniskI just wonder how much yoghurt a little girl can want. If Betsy is the same, we will need yoghurt loans.
  8. Am I a bad parent for looking forward to next trip away with husband? I love these ladies. More and more we are becoming a family who can work trips outdoors. It is getting more fun all the time. Can I be forgiven though for looking forward to a day with Mr Paper? To giggle and laugh like when we first dated?
  9. Is my little girl done with Peppa?
    giphy (1).gif
    I am not ready to hang up just yet Peppa.

    Gigi likes other cartoons now. Peppa is an occasional view. Did we leave it too late to visit Peppa Pig World? Is Dora the new Peppa? I will miss that pink pig.

    10. Will the day soon come where I haven’t got a whiney physical complaint? giphy-11From plantar fascitis to ear aches, apres birth issues to strange gum pain, I have had so much to complain about. Time for it to go people!

Bonus Wonder. I would like to know how my girls are so ridiculously cute to watch play together?  How did we get these dotes? As hairy as life gets being a parent, we are head over heels in love with these magic wee pixies. Why us? Why do we get these wonderful girls? Lucky, lucky folk. We are helplessly grateful.15906433-The-little-two-girls-have-got-a-friendship-Stock-Vector-cartoon-birthday

Many of these have answers I will learn soon.  Some matter. Others don’t. As each one is answered, I will replace it with another. The brain rolls on and on, a stream of consciousness Joyce can barely document.james-joyce

Why do cheeky flies always return to the same spot even when you have disinfected? How come I boil the kettle all day but when I need it it needs refilling? Why is it that when I have a relaxing night I can’t sleep? How is it that…why…what if…should I…could we have…will we…who said. ..

You get the picture…I got questions!





14 thoughts on “I’d Like to Know…

  1. GREAT questions. On a line with your cleaning the house comments, I’ve always thought that the only way to get ahead of the laundry is if we’re all naked while it washes. Don’t worry, my family is unaware of these thoughts..ha! But occasionally I think of the clothes I’m wearing that will be dirty as I’m putting away the clean. And when my kids were little? As you know, the dust and dirt multiplies exponentially with each child. Fun post!

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  2. I can’t answer all your questions with real answers but I can do my best:
    1) Elizabeth is going to turn out alright. She won’t be missing anymore but part of her has changed from the experience. Her smile isn’t as bright anymore, her laugh a little off, but she’s still all there.
    2) My mom STILL looses sleep over me – mostly because I’m living in South Korea and she can’t accept that, so she says she can’t sleep or eat and it’s making her sick. So I’m not sure if you will ever be fully “rested” again (sorry!)
    3) If you find out where all the dirt and dust is coming from, let me know so I can stop it in my apartment. I have never lived anywhere that I have had to sweep so much before.
    4)Work is going to change a lot – but for the best so don’t worry! You’ll have a new set of young minds to influence and love.
    5)The cop on the far left of the picture. He looks like a shifty guy.
    6)They will look FANTABULOUS
    7)They will cry, go out of business and call you asking if you are SURE she is over it.
    8)Of course not! You are a great parent. Parent Dates are things that need to happen!
    9)She might be, but Betsy might take up the love for Peppa in Gigi’s place.
    10) Nopes, never again. Use the complaints to guilt your children when they get older “ya know, this hurts because of that one time I gave you a piggy back ride” said to 16 yr old Gigi who just rolls her eyes at you

    Hope that helps 😉

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  3. I am so touched that you took the time out to address my thoughts and ridiculous to many questions 😊
    1. I found out earlier about Elizabeth. Thank you for your sensitivity!
    2. I think you are right about the rested thing…
    3. They will invent the best dirt and dust preventors the years after I stop caring
    4. Change is good. I know! Looking forward to the new kids😊am a softie really
    5. The guy on the left IS McGonagall😁that made me laugh!! Yes, he was a desperately shifty individual
    6. The glasses are grand! Had a quick look
    7. Glenisk may surely go out of business and as they are local and kinda small I have concerns😨
    8. Thank you. We really need a guilt free date night!
    9. Peppa will be around for another while. You are right!
    10. I actually feel pretty complaint free today…wow wee!

    You have helped enormously! More than you know.
    If I can ever return the favour😀


  4. I never thought my boy would give up on Peppa as he was so addicted like a crack addict but the day comes and soon get hooked on to something else utterly boring haha. It is lovely when you se your kids have such a great bond and play so nice together for longer periods X

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  5. You’re right in that we do actually ask ourselves tons of questions in the internal monologue every day! Building blocks that make a day what it is 🙂 I hope you manage to find a routine for reading your beloved books soon enough! 😉

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  6. Hopefully you might have got the answers to your questions by now. Well, at least some of them!! 😊

    And I have the same question – why does sleep elude me when I’m too tired or even when I’m relaxed??????
    If you’ve found the answer please tell me!! 😊

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