Christmas Presents of the Eighties

Top Christmas Presents of the Eighties from the Viewpoint of a Girl. Who remembers Christmas morning with one of these amazing gifts?

1. A Secret Keyper. These were magical animals with a secret hideyhole for your treasures.  Mine was a purple unicorn and I loved it.il_570xn-774700298_9ysu

2. A Petite 990. Or the baby sister of it-Petite 660. We all imagined typing our future novels and correspondence forever on one of these fun products. The advert too- Working 9-5 Dolly Parton style time.  Top class! Mine worked for about ten minutes though. Bit of a disappointment.

3. A Casio Keyboard. We all went bonkers for one of these at some point. Hours of Morning Has Broken or When the Saints Come Marching in with those fun backing track keys were a joy to our parents.

4. A Care Bear. They lived on clouds and loved you forever.71zlwibcurl-_sy355_

5. My Little Pony. Tiny colourful clothes wearing horsies. Mine had leg warmers!6e167d9d3528259dc6f210ae7edc24c2

6. Atari. The coolest thing imaginable….Until. ..

7. Commodore C-64. Oh wow. The world of Dizzy. Paperboy. BubbleBobble. Hours of brain burning staring. Levels. Tape loading. Joysticks.

8. Perfection. The game with all the shapes that popped up in your face and gave you a little fright. The small pieces abundant, therefore more dangerous, predecessor of Buckaroo.

9. Go For Broke. The board game where you worked hard to lose all your money. Probably a bad lesson to learn!

10. Tiny Tears. I never got one but I knew all about her. A most coveted baby doll.

11. Teddy Ruxpin. He TALKED to you. For real.

12. Lego. The big ship. Most people didn’t get that one. Big cost. Therefore the castle with soldiers and pirates was just as amazing.

The Surprise: An annual. Bunty, Mandy, Judy, Beano, Dandy or Beezer. The best of literature. No joke.

Curly Wurly from the selection box and you were away with it.

Happy Christmas everyone!bitmoji-20161228060353

20 thoughts on “Christmas Presents of the Eighties

  1. Ah we had a Casio keyboard with all the backing tracks! So cringe!! And also plenty and plenty of Lego…in fact we still have the Lego!! Thanks so much for linking up with #DreamTeam and Happy New Year!

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  2. Did you see that vintage news report last week about the year Cabbage Patch released? It’s on FB somewhere. I was born in ’81 and thought Teddy Ruxpin was the bee’s knees. Also Lite Brite. And Speak n Spell. Between this and Hayley’s music post, time-warp.

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  3. Great list Orla! Dizzy was my absolute favourite, I spent many a frustrating hour on my Amstrad – and that was just waiting for the bloody things to load! You forgot the holy grail of Christmas presents though…the Mr Frosty 🙂

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