The Daily Grind

Do you have a phrase to describe the times when they are challenging? To avoid an old swear word session? Mine is Ducky Longstockings. I don’t know why. The daily grind can get you down. Ironically, the daily grind (of coffee beans) can get you up. So what causes this feeling of absolute blahness as a parent? Give it a lash, shall I?

  1. Weary weary nights. bitmoji-20170228114718Some are better than others. Betsy rarely does a full night. It catches up on us all until tiredness is a permanent state.bitmoji-20170228113931
  2. Food. The diet can be down the pan and up the Swanee but recently I have done quite well to tackle it. Slowly, slowly. We eat bad, we feel sad. Try telling that to a tired Mammy with a Toffee Crisp in her hand.
  3. Clothes. The body never feels the same after baba one. girl-925485_640Baby two? You may have had a body transplant when you were having that child. I still don’t feel right. I find that Mams stop buying themselves nice new clothes in favour of kitting out the minnies leaving themselves shabbily shod and clad as a result. This does not help the self esteem! Hoody  central.
  4. Muddy, mucky car. Did you ever think that your mode of transport can cause a mental health issue? car-1140405_640I spend so much time in the car. As I live in the Irish Midlands, in the bog as it were, cleaning the car is almost as pointless as a chocolate teapot (as I probably have eaten that anyway). Debris of Liga. Little feet. Milk. Water. Mud. Clay. Cows. Rain. Chaos.
  5. Kitchen Inspiration. My freezer, once full of interesting bits such as kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass or chillis, is now a virtual supermarket of pre-cooked meals for children going to crèche.spice-370114_640 I find that I cannot make that curry from scratch anymore but am proud to throw together a tin of tomatoes based pasta sauce. New parents can’t beat themselves up over this -but we do!
  6. No Time to Breathe. sunset-1207326_640All the advisors say ‘Take the help’ when you get it. I am lucky to have family nearby,  yet when asked what I need help wise,  I just freeze and think, time to breathe.  I never say this though.
  7. Enjoyment of Food. Food is now eaten whilst being attacked by adorable mini us people. Why does our porridge/ toast/ yoghurt look so much more appealing to our children than their own?bitmoji-20170228114600
  8. Your Other Job. Educating the teens is mine. You can imagine that isn’t always easy too. Take that on top of no sleep. Teaching 25 sixteen year old boys why poetry matters when all you want to do is have a little nap. Maybe you are a banker.  Writer. Homekeeper. Try getting ANY of those things done properly at the same time as parenting!

What gets us through?

  1. Love.
  2. Cuddles.
  3. Coffee.

The Daily Grind!  Here it is to squashed beans with

10 thoughts on “The Daily Grind

  1. I decided to call the “moms food looks best, let’s beg for bites” the toddler diet and is all for getting that pre baby body back. It can backfire when husband gives you 2x breakfast on my plate and that is the day they leave me be!

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    1. I also need to tell you that our car dirt is ever present. Winter is salty grime and then all other seasons range from mud to dust. Husband goes to a trainer out on a long dirt road 3x a week….


  2. Squashed beans with milk! I live that! When I read the first line, about a phrase to describe the daily grind, my first thought was ‘yes, I call it a shitstorm,’ then I saw that it had to be without swearing, and I drew a blank…! I agree with all of these-especially the changes to your body. I’ve never been a ‘Im displaying what the miracle of childbirth has done to my body with pride’ kind of person. I’m a ‘if I was rich, I’d plastic surgery the crap out of this saggy sack of gross, and get it to look normal again-it’s depressing’ kind of person. And yes, my children are always dressed in lovely, carefully selected clothes, while I occasionally grab my self something from the charity shop. Hurray also, for the versatility of grapes!!

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  3. I love ‘Ducky Longstockings’. Genius! Why is our food so much more appealing? |I agree with all of this. I don’t live in a boggy area but how on earth does the car get that dirty????? Thank you for joining the #BigPinkLink

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