Easter of my Youth

I still feel the same!


Easter was always about Lent ending to me. As as child,  Lent was an insufferable length of time that stretched to infinity. I didn’t enjoy going to school. I didn’t eat sweets at school anyway. I just loved some timeout over the weekend with a book and a bar of chocolate.

I still do.

Suddenly Lent came along and stopped you in your tracks. Sacrifice?  I may as well have given up happiness!

Easter started with Pancake Tuesday. It was fine.It just had that aura of the ‘beginning of the end’ about it as I attempted flipping pancakes.We were ten miles away from adventurous at all times in my house so the pancakes were basic with honey, lemon and sugar. I only add the good stuff now. Nutella. Strawberries. The pancakes seemed to cause arguments. We never had a decent frying pan for them, just the one pan from all…

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20 thoughts on “Easter of my Youth

  1. Did you know Sunday’s don’t count during lent? I only found out last year at the end of Lent I may add. I too am catholic and this post resonates massively with me. I can go your bread one I tried to give up peas one year my mam wasn’t having any of it!!

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      1. Don’t like peas I tolerate them on my plate haha! Yes really! if you work it out there’s more than 40 days and nights if Sunday’s are included. You’ve been robbed all these years!!

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  2. We had to chose what we would give up. An easy one was no sugar in our hot drinks LOL Oh the memories of a Catholic upbringing 🙂

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  3. My family had no rules! My parents were middle-class hippies – although my dad was a doctor – and their parenting was far too laid back to involve giving up anything at lent. That said, we had home dyed easter eggs…and a few choccie ones which were carefully rationed

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