Away with the Fairies: Danny Healy- Rae and Irish Politics

Have you heard of the popular Irish colloqialism ‘away with the fairies’? It basically refers to an individual who may be a dreamer, a fantastist or fanciful. They are usually harmless, but you take all commentary with a pinch of salt. You might smile indulgently at their whimsical attitude. You really wouldn’t take their advice or even directions to the local Spar. You definitely shouldn’t give them a position of power. We shouldn’t have to smile indulgently at manical statements from someone with a seat in the government.

I am aware that being a politician must be be a very tricky business. You can’t please everyone and sometimes you can’t please anyone.

I have already angrily ranted about our government’s lack of productivity in creating an effective health system and the effect on our people. My father being directly affected (see A Disgusting State  and  Cancelling an Operation when under Anaesthesia? to see my full wrath). I am too emotive to be objective on the topic, but reading about MRI reports being screwed up as a scandal with no comeback, how can emotions not rule? Communication errors are the reason my father still hasn’t been operated on.

So think of this and then imagine how it must feel when you look at the news and hear what Kerry TD, Danny Healy Rae is blathering about in the Dail or as a Dail representative to the media, our centre of state where problems should be fixed.

Just read this report. Danny Healy Rae on Kerry Roads. He is blaming dips in a Kerry road on fairies. This caricature in government has given me a good laugh at times and I love the sketches that Gift Grub can offer on him, but now, in all seriousness, give it a rest. I know I spend most weekends searching for fairies in Lough Boora and more recently The County Arms hotel in Birr (don’t forget Gillighan’s World of Our Sligo Highlights) but this is with and for the indulgences of a three year old and a one year old, and not the nonsense of a middle aged man with a seat in the Dail. I enjoy an old Pishogue as much as the next just not when life should be taken seriously. Watch this clip for Comedian Mario Rosenstock’s impression of TD Danny Healy-rae. A funny clip. I laughed heartedly at it. He just shouldn’t get to sit in the Dail and spout sh@## as he does all the time as you can watch Danny Healy-rae on climate change. Remind you of any insane world leader?

Why have we this joke figure present when our country is making decisions? Obviously, I agree with democracy but really can understand why people would vote for such absurdity. Clearly no one listens to him, if not for comedic reasons, as we see other politicians constantly laughing at his comments on God and the Little People, so why is he wasting a seat in Dublin?god.png

Away with the Fairies?  Not just Danny Healy Rae. The Dail itself and the people who put him there.

Let it be said, I don’t have a Healy Rae problem in general. It is just Danny as a representative of the Irish people in government.

Ireland. Get a grip. While our politicians see fairies, our Irish people can’t get operations.

Sick people can’t get funding for medicine. We are living in a nation that can eat steak for dinner, drink Prosecco for brunch but cannot have heart surgery in a reasonable wait period.

I respect people’s religion. I have a love of our sagas and traditional myths. I just think blaming fairies for bad roads and discounting climate control by quoting the Bible story of Noah’s Ark as historical proof is more than a bit ‘Irish’.

We love a laugh in Ireland. Not at our expense though.

Stop being away with the fairies. Get real.zzzHealyRaeCycle_large.jpg

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36 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies: Danny Healy- Rae and Irish Politics

  1. So, this is where OUR NZ saying comes from 🙂 “Away with the fairies” was spoken by adults during my childhood so many times. Fun post, Orla, I enjoy reading your posts!!

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    1. I chose to focus on the “away with the fairies”, though did take in the angst about politicians. Every country seems to have the same problems in different ways!! Especially regarding the health system!!

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      1. Good question!! So many countries are all fighting for the same thing. The unbalance of wealth is so much visible now than it was say 50 years ago. I think my generation grew up in very idyllic times where access to health resources were not as hard, though not perfect by any means. Blame it on all the baby boomers needing medical assistance 🙂

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      2. Ireland and New Zealand are rather smallish islands, not that much of a booming economy. Both I think, rely too much on tourism. Not enough income to service all requirements is my simplistic view on the lack of services.


      1. My grandmother’s grandparents came from Ireland and yes there are a few in New Zealand. It was very apt indeed 🙂 x

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  2. Hi fancy paper,

    I saw you tweeting about wordpress and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like fancy paper has come a long way!

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  3. This is a perfect line, “While our politicians see fairies, our Irish people can’t get operations.” Such an apt metaphor for anytime someone sees something that isn’t real or blames others for a situation they can’t fix, people suffer!
    I thinks your anger is more than warranted. It’s true politicians do have tough jobs, but that doesn’t mean they get to forget why they have them in the first place. Thank you for the peak into Irish politics and the very real consequences of any government official making light of serious things.

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  4. At first I thought this would be a light-hearted post and I am Irish by blood and have been told all my life that I am away with the fairies. I then went on to be impressed by a well-written, well argued and passionate post. Democracy has never quite convinced me to be honest.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I can see how i was arguing against it- but just look at the decisions democracy is making. Fearful. X
      Being away with the fairies is a kind of a compliment at times though☺


  5. I live in the US and my husband’s family is of Irish ancestry, but this is a phrase I haven’t heard before! Maybe we can trade politicians for a bit? I almost wouldn’t mind someone around here blaming things on fairies – would add a much needed note of levity to our political squabbles…

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    1. I can totally understand that. At least Healy Rae is harmless, just a waste of a seat. I am terrified of Trump’s idiocy.
      On a lighter note, I am enjoying the reaction to the use of the phrase ‘ away with the fairies’. I am hearing all sorts about it!


  6. ‘Away with the fairies’ is phrase I’ve heard often mainly in reference to my Nan with dementia.
    That health seems to be so far down the list for governments these days frustrates me. I am still alive because of our health service, rely on them hugely. It’s a worrying thing that NHS might not last forever.
    That’s my rant over.

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  7. Great post. I am an American, so you can only imagine how I feel right now…remember when “certifiable” was something that would immediately disallow you from ruining things by holding elected office?


  8. Policy and political pretentiousness are hitting the world up the ribs this era more than any I recall, but away with the fairies is a good description of many right now. In Ireland at the moment people with haemochromatosis have to pay for venesections. (Blood letting) regardless of the fact that they will need them for the rest of their lives and if not they will die. I have this genetic metabolic condition myself and the is supporting the patients with petitions and lobbying parliment in support of a change in policy. So actually the Irish government is not away with the faeries so much as kissing the arse of the devil. Keep shouting out loud and posting their shame. Xx


    1. Oh god Ellen. This is it exactly. We were talking about this at the weekend and referred to how many illnesses that we have no idea that are not being helped by a materialistic Irish government. Vile.
      Can I tweet some of your reply? Thank you and I understand if you say no xx
      I will be signing ALL petitions coming my way.


      1. If you Google the Haemochromatosis Ireland site first you should find out how far the fight for change has got. It would be advisable to check it. X


  9. North of the border we have Flat Earthers and Nelson McCausland, who it seems will believe anything as long as it’s outdated, disharmonious, or offensive.

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