Tips To Enhance Your EuroDisney Experience

All my blogging (and my non-virtual)  friends know we have recently been spectacularly EuroDisneyed in our house. (Do you like my new verb? I see a future for it!). I have written a post for parents already called EuroDisney Magic: 18 Best Bits for Toddlers and Babies. I am now gifting you you with a few tips for making these best of the trip for all ages and groupings. Hear ye!

  1. Photo Pass.PP_logo_stacked_@3x.png It cost 60 euros for this card. It works for most Disney characters. The official photographer will swipe your card and click away. I got 50 pictures this way over the few days and have all downloaded to personal devices. If you are like me and will not be able to decide as to which pictures to buy (to me they are Pokemon- I have to catch them all) then this is your gig. This gives you every image. Loved it. It links to an app and you can see your pictures that evening.
  2. Half-board Package

    We went with this option in our four day package. It meant breakfast included at the hotel  (Santa Fe breakfast was an impressive buffet). You also had one other meal covered in a Disney restaurant. We ate somewhere different each day with the vouchers and only had to pay for one other meal in the day. This is great as Disney food is pricey. I mean, what sort of magic makes you not care if a drink from a cart is at least three euros? Disney magic.

  3. Food Options Outside of Fried

    I discovered that in the Aladdin area (Agrabah) there are other food options. Their street carts sell fruit. Bananas, finally! Restaurants offer options outside of the chips category. We had falafel wraps. Rice cakes. Date bars. Rice. Kabob. You get enough fried food! It is also a peaceful spot which is rare in the park.

  4. Autograph Books.20170920_144910.jpg I was advised that my kids buy their own before we go,  so I did. However the park sell lots and they are lovely. They might charge more than Penneys but you are on holidays. Don’t sweat it if you forget them- buy them if you must…do have them though. Characters signing the books is pretty adorable. 

  5. Costumes. The Disney gear on site is costly. We brought all of our girls’ Princess dresses from home and a few other Disney themed pieces purchased at H&M and Penneys previously. We held back two ‘surprise’ dresses. 

    These were enough to make them happy. I bought them Princess shoes in the park (as they were unlike any I have seen at home) as treats from their holiday money.

  6. Hotel Drop Off Shopping. 20170919_215836.jpgI love to buy unusual things or partake in deals on the way when I travel. Make use of the hotel drop off add on. You have to ask at the counter but they gladly do it. You pick all your shopping up at your hotel in the evening- hands free for Disney!
  7. The Fashion Statement that is the Rain Poncho. 20170919_215253Prepare for rain. Buy the five euro fold away ponchos in the pound shop or Tiger before you go. They sell them in the park but are about eight euros each. Bring your own! If you are planning to use a buggy bring an extra as a cover for this as buggy parks are all outdoor. You will thank me!
  8. Nappies, Cosmetics and Milk!  If you have young babies, it is hard to buy domestic items. I spotted nappies in one store only onsite. Disney doesn’t do convenience stores. You might get to the large shopping centre one train stop away but we didn’t want to go there. Starbucks at our hotel sold me milk nightly for the baby. The hotel should too. We brought sufficient everything else- nappies, wipes, the lot. Come prepared.
  9. Disney App. GA5WvxlY2xlSS-VvLgIhJIM8NyeaV1phcCDvzOjUSfI0hK7bvIwHkZNF6jndDSsYhQ=w300-1If you have a few days, don’t join all the large queues immediately. Bide Your Time. You will find lapses when they are quieter. The Disney App is a good download and will give you the wait times as well as a park map.
  10. Programme of Events . This is a brochure of the shows and parade times as they happen. You will want this!20170913_172259.jpg
  11. Disney Princess Lunch/Breakfast. It is an experience that you book and pay for extra to the park ticket. We went to L’Auberge Cendrillon for dinner, a three course French cuisine meal, whilst having personal audiences with several Disney Princesses and Cinderella’s mice as we dined. It is not cheap but worth it, if you want to splash out and have a Princess lover in your life. All ages will love it! Living a dream. If you have half board package you can use your vouchers against the the full price. We got quite a discount this way which was a nice surprise as I had set aside the cost. More money for shopping!20170817_122429
  12. Early Pass. We had the opportunity to be at the park at eight am for an early chance to see everything. We didn’t use it once. Try telling a 1 and a 3 year old that we need to be there for eight am! We enjoyed letting them relax and eat breakfast calmly instead.
  13. Water Bottle. Invest in a strong, manageable bottle to refill your water in. There are spigots of drinking water all over the park. You can save money this way and only but the overpriced chilled water when you really want it.bitmoji-20170922104837
  14. Do it Piaff style- Have Fun with No Regrets. hqdefault.jpgEnjoy it and Don’t Regret what you Don’t Do. We missed Ariel and Sofia- two faves. We don’t care. We saw so much and experienced the magic and beauty of this world. It was a joy. Don’t spend time chastising yourself if something is overlooked. Think about what you did see. I am sure it was pretty special.bitmoji-20170922103524.pngEnjoy your Disney experience!

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13 thoughts on “Tips To Enhance Your EuroDisney Experience

  1. so glad you had fun! We went to the ‘free’ disney in Flordia – certain parts of the park are open to the public and are still pretty fun. The staff usually has figurines and every time we interacted with someone we ended up with a trinket. They also have exclusive pins and have to trade with you (if you are into that)

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  2. See, I want to take my children to Disneyworld but I can’t wrap my head around spending like $150/per person for 1 day. When I went as a child with my family I became irrate with my father as he insisted we take apples and granola bars to snack on in lieu of eating lunch there. Now I totally get why. Our neighbors went on the “budget” plan and the “budget” plan still cost $5,000! Thank you for the tips!

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    1. It is expensive but my husband got a deal on this 25 year anniversary discount in Euro Disney. I think we just had so many mediocre holidays that still cost a lot that the money was so worth it this time!!


  3. very useful tips, thanks for sharing, we went to Disneyland Paris years ago way before kids and don’t think they had most of this back then, I particularly love the idea of the photo pass… genius! #fortheloveofblog

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  4. There are some really great tips for any family about to go to Euro Disney, some I had never thought of. I had no idea about the books….good tip! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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