Twelve Lessons I will Never Learn…or Maybe I Just Don’t Want To.

  1. I don’t want a second can of Diet Coke. I only think I do. A pint of water will suffice. A second can of any drink is never as nice as the first. I think there is actual science to prove this somewhere out there. bitmoji-20171201014542
  2. Keeping a euro handy for the shopping trolley. I know I must do this and often think of it and then I don’t have it. Cue frustration and attempts to shove in a fifty cent and fool the system but it never works. I did discover that a US quarter works in most places but then I lost my US quarter. Sigh.bitmoji-20171201014726
  3. Re-reading anything to do with numbers repeatedly as I remember it wrongly all the time. This is a worsening condition. I will swear the parade starts at eight. It will start at nine.bitmoji-20171201015635
  4. Over- doing it! I always over buy for every occasion. Over plan. Over prepare. Over think. Over promise. Over extend. I stretch myself like the toy that was popular in the seventies and then wonder why I am out of shape.bitmoji-20171201020100
  5. Unneccessary Food Orders. I order chips on the side when I don’t need them. Waste of time and calorie intake.bitmoji-20171201055458
  6. Good Choices! The apple will make me feel better than the cake. Mostly. Snow White should have stuck with cake. Maybe that is the true lesson.bitmoji-20171201015204
  7. My Self-Expectations. No one expects as much from me as I do from myself. This lesson is impossible to learn. I cannot seem to limit my own self-expectations. I am quite harsh on myself for not meeting them.bitmoji-20171201055705
  8. Limit The Screentime. Put down the phone. I am always surfing without getting a drop of water on my head. Too much screen. God, I love my phone…bitmoji-20171201014824
  9. Printers and photocopiers WILL test my patience and might ruin my day. Technology makes me crazy. I need to print and photocopy well in advance as my patience levels will be tested to the maximum otherwise. These devices of the devil are cranky, petulant and unhelpful. They would work wonderfully in government but not in the home or office.bitmoji-20171201060458
  10. Poor quality is not worth it. I don’t want the instant coffee. Like my Betsy says it is yuck. A waste of time, energy and milk. The Penneys’ top may be cheap and pretty but will look rubbish by the third wash. bitmoji-20171201060107
  11. Sneaky Calories Exist. Hot chocolate is drinking calories. This time of year I feel entitled to hot chocolate and then wonder why the waistline is crying sweaty crease tears. I am painfully knowledgeable about nutrition and it doesn’t stop me. This is worse than having ignorance as I am aware of the damage that I do.

    But it has BLUEBERRIES
  12. Finanical Self- Control. How to stick to a budget. I overspend on every occasion unless I really watch it. Christmas will see leftover presents. Not joking. I will over purchase. Sure as eggs are eggs. Actually, do we have enough eggs…bitmoji-20171201014909

One for good measure (overdoing it you see)…

13 People Rarely Change. I realise that you may alter habits. Lifestyle. Your body shape. Your interests. These can change. You can evolve and mature. However, you are not likely to change personality traits.1ff798f313053d431e986d8b1c4eba93--patsy-ab-fab-best-abs You might become self aware like a Shakespearian tragic hero but you are less likely to lose the trait and more likely to learn how to manage it.

I work on all of these lessons all of the time. I am aware I do it.

I will never fully learn them though! And that is just me.bitmoji-20171201015438

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52 thoughts on “Twelve Lessons I will Never Learn…or Maybe I Just Don’t Want To.

  1. Very funny. I can relate to most of this – especially the Euro – curse that I’ve forgotten that one pesky Euro every time I arrive in foreign parts! And agree poor quality is not worth it. One Nespresso = 5 Nescafes ! Jill x

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  2. I love a good bargain but the phrase “buy cheap buy twice” is so true sometimes it’s better to buy one more expensive item which will last than a couple of cheaper ones which you end up having to throw away. I totally relate to your list but it’s these little things that make you who you are so don’t be too hard on yourself!

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  3. What you really need at times of stress about all of these things is to visit other blogs. Y’know, perhaps funny and silly ones that might make you smile.
    No particular one in mind, just surf randomly on that lovely phone. (Is there a ‘looks innocent and whistles nonchalantly’ smiley here?)

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  4. I agree with you about over-extending yourself & putting too high of expectations on yourself. Try your best not to spread yourself too thin. (I know, easier said than done!) But try to set aside some ‘you’ time where you do nothing but relax :).


  5. I can’t for the life of me keep 8s and 3s straight in my memory when trying to recall numbers. Other numbers I remember just fine, but not these two. It’s very strange, I know, but it’s just one of those things I’ve learned to accept.


  6. I enjoyed your list, mostly because it’s so true! I don’t change because I don’t HAVE TO. At least, not until I do. Funny how that happens. I never thought I’d give up cream in my coffee. But I did. I never thought I’d enjoy running, but I do. However, I can’t quite seem to get places on time-ever. That one is one of my “12+1” for sure. Someday…


  7. Yup, I hear you! Let me know if you want me to send you some more quarters, lol! It would save you some money! I can relate to #10….I love a bargain but I KNOW that buying quality (paying more on the front end) saves money in the long run.

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  8. Ugh… I’m with you on the surfing comment (well, and many of the others, but this is the one that really stuck out for me). I feel like if I ‘surfed’ less and concentrated on my writing that I’d get many more posts done. I also never know how much social media control to do when it comes to the social aspect of blogging. I stay home with my kids, so I don’t want to over-do the screen time, but I don’t want to neglect my blogging duties either. The struggle is real!

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  9. Oh my gosh, it’s like this post was written about me (other than number 2)! I actually had to give up pop because I would drink WAY too much of it… and it started making me sick! But sometimes I have to sneak in a sip or two…just because it tastes so good! My screen time is out of control… it is after midnight as I write this… AND just to make it worse, I will 100% be checking every single social media I can possibly think of before pulling out the Kindle to read a chapter or two… One day maybe I’ll change my habits!

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  10. #3 is too real. I once worked for an accountant who, after I’d been with her about a week, asked if I had some sort of disability.

    Husband (gently) refers to it as my “thing with numbers” (as opposed to the less kind but more accurate “numerical dyslexia”).

    I’ve just accepted that numbers don’t mean enough to me for me to bother with accurately noting their identity or order. Like you said, people don’t change that much.

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  11. I have also learned that technology and I don’t get along… I’ve accepted our love/hate relationship. I actually just had a falling out with my printer that, sadly, ended in its demise. R.I.P printer… I’m sorry I went Hulk on you. But, you started it.
    As for over-doing it… I don’t think I’ll ever learn my lesson there. Lol! A full time job and I’m still making promises to read people books that I look back and go… So, I promised to read 17 books this month… that’s still do-able. Right??

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