Twenty Questions With – Orla

Thank you Gemma for having me over for an interview at Wheescapades🤶🎅


Let’s take a little break from all those festivities, it can get a little overwhelming can’t it? It’s a busy time of year.

Stop the wrapping, grab a brew, and let me introduce you to Orla aka Fancy Paper.

I was honoured when Orla asked to take part in my Twenty Questions series. As well as being thoroughly entertained when reading her regular ramblings I count Orla as a ‘blog buddy’.

In regards to question 5, Yes Italian is a little too broad Orla, but I don’t blame you, I could totally live on Italian food too!

Question 6, how practical, if there is an apocalypse I’m headed your way!

I totally agree with you on question 19 Orla, trying to please everyone never works, and is stressful. I think first of all we need to please ourselves.

My Questions/Orla’s Answers

1. What made you decide to…

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