The Things They Say

The beauty of keeping a blog, as a parent, includes the fact that you can document the things the little darlings say that makes you crack up laughing (or quake in your boots). Laughing in such a way as they don’t see you- being caught could bring fire and fury your way.

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Conversation at Bedtime 

-I can’t sleep.

-Why Gigi?

-I lost my powers. The wall took my powers.surprise-2865293_640

A Debate over Being a Little bit Rude to Nana

-Give Nana a hug to say sorry.

-I have no hugs

(Eventually gives Nana a hug when she thinks no one is looking)

-You got your hugs back Gigi?

-Yes. I lost them. I left them on the floor. Then I finded them.bitmoji-20180123091619

Middle of the Night Irrationality 

3.00 am scream. Betsy sitting up in cot.

-I not wear it!  I doant like it. I DOANT like it, not this COAT!

-It is night time Betsy. You are wearing your pyjamas.


Cuddles and she looks at me like I have ten heads.

-It is night-time Mammy! Cot.


Trying to Explain Vertigo to Your Three Year Old 

-I am a bit sick Gigi.

-No Mammy. I am sick. You are NOT sick.

I fear unnecessarily worrying my child.

-Ok Gigi. I am fine, it is just a headache. I am fine.

-Well Mammy, I am dead.

Check mate.bitmoji-20180123092055

A Similar Topic

-Mammy, my baby is very sick. (Her baby doll).

-Oh no Gigi…what is wrong with her?

-Well, actually she is dead.

Cue horrified Mammy wondering where she got that from.bitmoji-20180123092208

A Typical Blame Chat

I see a noticeable scribble on the wall that was clearly not an accident.

-Gigi. Did you write on the wall?

-Yes Mammy.

I was a bit thrown by the honest admittal of guilt. I decide to play it cool and give her a get-out card.

-Did you do it by accident?

– No Mammy. I do it by purposes.bitmoji-20180123092009

Santa arrived. Gigi is given a bike and a Barbie princess dollie. Betsy gets a doll house and a hiking Barbie. Lucky ladies. 

That morning.

-Hurray Hurray!

General glee at all gifts.

That afternoon. Betsy takes over the Princess doll. She is disinclined to hand it back…

-My prin-shesh.

The Controversial Princess

-No my Borbie.

Gigi can have a very posh voice occasionally.

-I had it first.

Giant tustle and screaming match. Parental intervention not affective.

Barbie Princess gets timeout.

St Stephen’s Day.

Adult asks the standard question…what did Santy bring?

Gigi: A bike!

Betsy: A Borbie Pwincess…

No one contradicts her. This is her future. And ours.

Nana Gets a hairdo

-Nana! Did you get new colour hair!

-Yes, do you like it?

-What colour is it? (Gigi looks quizzical).

-Kind of black…brown

-Nana, you have had that colour for the last one hundred years.

Fair enough.

Discussing Happily Ever Afters20180123_212636

Gigi- I am going to marry Samuel. He will be my Prince.

Samuel is my friend’s almost four year old. Disney happy ending effect. This is what happens when you live with wedding Ariel.

Little moments that parenting brings that are particularly special include these adorable and occasionally alarming chitchats. Any particular gems to share in the comments section from your own family theatre? Looking forward to it.


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51 thoughts on “The Things They Say

  1. I love this. Me son wife and family are staying with us as they lost their home in November (new home and job on the horizon) Ivy and Mabel are ten months apart so when Mabel had her birthday 1st Jan and became two… “Mabels stolen my number” Ivy sobbed as she threw her head between Grandmas knees. After several conversations, scowls and buckets of tears she said “Father Christmas shouldn’t have gived her presents Grandma … she was bad taking my number” Bless her the confusion will come again tomorrow… it’s her Daddy’s birthday *gasp*

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  2. I always love hearing the hilarious things kidlets say!

    My nephew thought my parents live in the ‘cruncy -side’ because the leaves crunch in the countryside in autumn when he was learning to speak. 😀

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  3. Oh for heaven’s sake, these are wonderful. They do say the most amazing things. My sister-in-law told me that I’d want to remember all the little things my son said. She warned me in the most serious terms not to let these little gems go. As I read these, I can’t help but want to go back and pull together all of Jack’s wonderful little nuggets. I enjoyed reading this so much. I hope you keep posting these fun things every now and again.

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  4. I once thought I should write a book about the things my students said as I was teaching.When children are young, they are inquisitive and VERY honest, but best of all, they love to use their imagination. With these three traits – you never know what they’re going to say. I loved reading the things your children have said. There’s nothing better, is there?!? 🙂

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  5. That reminds me of something Georgia said today in the car on the way home: “I don’t like carrots. I’m not a Rabbit… *laughs manically*” Both so funny and terrifying. Thanks for linking up again lovely to #fortheloveofBLOG

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  6. Love this and so true, as you say, writing this down on a blog means you remember things forever. I wish I’d started earlier! I’ll never forget my daughter – then 5 – coming home looking like a thundercloud. Without saying a word she dragged a giant cardboard box into the hall, which she spent an hour decorating. I didn’t see what she was doing until, with great ceremony she climbed into it and closed the lid. All around the outside she had written ‘Emily’s Sad Box’ over and over with pictures of sad faces thus: 😦 Heartbreaking! She felt much better after five minutes in there lol

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  7. Ha Ha! This is brilliant! My sob has only just started to talk intelligibly. He had a nightmare a few days ago during the wee hours and we eventually worked out that he had dreamed that papa had eaten all of his biscuits (papa’s very own chocolate biscuits from santa) and not shared them. This led to hours of howling and sleeping in our bed to calm down after the ‘fright’!

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  8. Love these! Words and terminology… when my first-born was small, I’d tell her it wasn’t very sanitary to put some things into her mouth. She was very slim-hipped and once upon a time I tugged on her pants to see that they’d stay up, and they came right down! She shrieked at me, “Thats not very sanitary!”

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  9. I’m sat here trying to think of some now, I’m sure there are loads.. I had two kids tonight in Marks and Spencers playing with elf slippers and shouting out very loudly about Elf on the shelf but I don’t think that counts. A very good and amusing post.

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