Emma and the Beast

Over twenty fours in. Snowbound. Housebound. Under curfew. The abundant dancing flakes have performed copious petit jete and delicately circled, becoming more energetic before branching into aggressive until they reach the climactic jerks and twitches of a tarantella.Picture_20180301_105218920

The Beast from the East showed his true colours and they were fluffy, powdery white and extremely real. Emma the blustery, violent force made a noisily brief appearance and as they both enjoy a brief atmospheric yet dangerous dalliance, we mere humans stay carefully indoors. Away from the red alert branded weather. We live in the hope that we don’t lose power as a result of the beast and Emma. Just us.

It sures makes the windows pretty.

We have laughed.

We have fought.

We have eaten.

We have baked.

We have debated.

We have headaches.

We have looked for our feet.Picture_20180301_105432753We have run out of crisps, Mi-wadi, crackers, diet coke (my own vice), beans, bananas, all the berries little girls like and god knows what else.

We still have bread. Best not shout that too loudly considering the bread fear that seems to epitomize the Beast. On offer at an opportunistic black market price to anyone interested.

Teresa’s iconic moment will never be never be forgotten. Can’t recall the storm’s name though.

We ate.

We packed for imaginary holidays. 20180302_164618

We have tempers.

We showed them.

We attempted to make a snowman. More like a snow blub which is Betsy’s favourite insult.20180301_093958

We learned about snow types. Wet snow. Yucky but good snowman material. Powdery snow. Great for kicking but not for snowballs.

We have both hidden and seeked.

We have wrestled.Picture_20180302_134345414

We have made fluffy slime. Many, many attempts later, we had something like slime.

We hoovered.

We ate again.

We have gotten fluffy slime stuck in our hair. We cried.

We have no Internet.

We spent an hour on the phone.

We got Internet again.

We hoovered up the mess made whilst I was on the phone.

We watched mindless TV.

We looked out the window.Picture_20180302_134141249

We listened to the wind.

We (I) picked up toys. Jackets. Dolls. Books. Cups. Again and again and again.

We played play doh doh doh…

We hoovered.

We created ART.

We just stopped a two year old cutting a princess hairdo.

We ate.

We had several outfit changes. Shimmer the genie. Elsa. Anna.

It isn’t even two o clock on day two.

What do we do now?

In this tale as old as time, as a nation once again comes to a standstill through the inevitable weather, I am running out of ideas.

Ideas folks??!! What is left to do?

Having said all of that, I am much happier here than being in my job today. Who doesn’t love an unexpected break from the real world that requires no illness? Reality begone. Embrace the beast.Picture_20180302_142319682.jpg

Just need to get more PVA glue…

Ok for bread though.

Feeling a little queasy more than cheesy😣
The Pramshed

Five Little Doves


42 thoughts on “Emma and the Beast

  1. Oh I’m glad you are ok! I was thinking about your cows and hoping that their shed was built… I follow the president of Ireland (because I can’t stand my own) and have followed the snow emergency. You can always bake bread if you have flour and yeast, or biscuits if you have flour and baking soda… or Irish soda bread because isn’t that in your DNA? 🙂

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    1. We made biscuits and will definitely hsve a go at bread if it lasts. Soda bread is certainly in my DNA so that could be a go too!!
      We are all safe anyway. Our country just isn’t used to super large snowdrifts!

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  2. We are meant to get sleet, freezing rain, and 30+cm of snow here within a day, so I can feel your pain!! I wish we had the day off, though- in my 28 years, I’ve yet to have a snow day, the closest you come is a water main freezing (and then it’s just a break until they fix the pipes)!

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  3. That’s it – I’m coming to your house on the next snow day. 🙂 Your girls are lucky to have a fun and caring mother. My kids are a bit older than yours, but they love painting and baking when they have free time. All the schools around us have school off today – too much ice and snow. I homeschool my kids though, so today is no different than any other day. In fact, they are outside playing on the icy hills while the wind whips around them. They need their daily outdoors time 🙂

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  4. I feel bad because last week was downright Springy with us. Missed the rest of the world is closed. My best friend’s name is Emma. She had fun. PS. I sent you an FB message. I can read contact forms, but can’t reply. xox

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  5. We are on Nor’easter number 4. Enough! When will it end! Your post was perfect. My little cannot stop snacking and our dog is confused. Crazy times, this winter of 2018! #fortheloveofBLOG xoxo


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