A Possible Niche- Best Pal

For a while now my blogging social life has revolved around my much loved Big up your Blog group, care of Suzie and Em (please think of for Services to Bloggers). I love Throwback Thursday, being Social on Saturday and the bonanza big read and share on Sundays. It encourages me to write- have new material- all prepared for the weekend, ready to go. I have made online friends. Tons of them. From all walks of life and focusing on all different topics. There is a type of loyalty and support in this group that I believe a rare find for the Internet. It isn’t all a blatant cover up for self promotion and I have had actual conversations far ranging, extended and meaningful. A far cry from the bland Nice post-hey check me out!! engagements. For a mother who has recently come to terms with anxiety focused around a changed lifestyle, this interaction has been therapeutic as well as just full of laughs.bitmoji-20180406073333

I nominated plenty in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards and I now have plenty to nominate. It was easy to nominate yet at times tricky to limit my choice to one in each category. One of my toughest votes was Best Pal. And there I was sitting in the Bloggers Arms with all the other onliner oneliners (get the pints in Plot who is nominated for Best Newcomer if you want an idea who to vote for there) when the news comes in. Nominated for Best Pal!! Now, I have seen who is in there with me and, well, I am not expecting the actual accolade, but the nomination itself is a lovely feeling. I mean Josy, Melanie, Hayley, Cherie and Rachael are some of my actual best pals in blog world anyway and I jumped joyfully into the rest of the list with the hope of finding more blogs just like these for future perusal. However you can still vote for Fancy Paper if you feel that you would like to. It is very warming to know someone or ones may have actually chosen Fancy Paper for this award and I like it. Being a (hopefully good) friend is a huge part of my real world life. I am relieved my blog represents that.bitmoji-20180406095127 Enough gabbling. Time for a drinkie folks- a cyber one as I am still in charge of two smallies- so here you go folks and I encourage you to add your choices of tipple in the comments below. In fact, if you would like to make this thing an extended party, why don’t you PM me through facebook or email me at fancypaperblog@gmail.com, tell me your favourite drink and party food of choice, I will write a round up and link all back to you. Blog party anyone? 👠🎉😎🤔👩‍🎤

Let’s blast this thing.

Vote here! 😎 Fancy Paper is in the the Best Pal section.

There are so many bloggers that have been nominated in the other sections that I love, so my current voting was a difficult decision in many cases. I am so glad for those who got a nod of some kind, however every blog I read and comment on regularly, to me, is a wonderful piece of work that is written with passion and careful thought – or I wouldn’t be in there. So let us all celebrate blog life as it is. We can start off with the following bevvies and we will add as we go along. Something for everyone in here🥂🥃🍻🍺🍹🍸🍷🍼☕🥛🍵🍶🍾.

The Pramshed


66 thoughts on “A Possible Niche- Best Pal

  1. YAY!! Congrats on the nomination!! So many great blogs, it was really hard to vote. I had trouble doing the nominations, but found voting even more difficult. Thanks for the shout out! We do have some good blogs in our category, it makes being nominated even more special I think 🙂

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  2. Congratulations, Orla! I agree that the people in BUYB and actually bloggers, in general, are a fantastic group of people, and I am proud to be a part of the community! Good luck in the nominations 🙂

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  3. So well deserved Orla!! It is going to really hard to vote in any categories there are so many lovely blogger nominees – but as you say our group at BUYB is just the best!! Will meet you for a glass of something cold down the bloggy pub later, C xxx

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  4. Nice post…check me out here…..

    No, no…sorry, couldn’t resist Orla! Agreed too, the connections from BUYB have been immense. Just think of how many people we wouldn’t know if not for that. Not just blogging, but the actual interactions on the page, multiple sharing across social media, hooking up across that media. Not just that but finding new bloggers from comments on others posts.

    Congratulations too on the nomination…really ought to post mine out too 🤔 Somewhere I must find time….A to Z is pretty challenging there!


  5. Congratulations on your nomination and everyone else..It is just great to be amongst such good company..I will raise a glass or two but tomoz now as it is 1.28am and I should be in the land of nod Well done everyone you are all winners …:) xx

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  6. Congratulations, Orla, and please know that you truly are a “pal”. You deserve your nomination. I’m so happy that I’ve had the chance to get to know you through BUYB and through our blogs. Cheers!

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  7. Best Pal was certainly the most difficult category for voting. In the end, I did imagine myself going to the Bloggers’ Arms with my shortlist and it was an interesting picture.

    Congratulations on being nominated.

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  8. Congratulations on your nomination and another HUGE thank you again! I want to vote for all my friends! Why do I have to pick just one I want to ask the judges. I know, I know the reason…..but still! And it is such an honor just to be in this group of humor bloggers! Good luck friend!!

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      1. Oh Lord, a stand up? I have a fear of public speaking. Like, take valum before interviews, fear of speaking. Ugh! Hate it. I know what you mean about the nomination thing though, it is an honor!


  9. Hi, Orla. I just joined Esme’s blogger group and found your fanciful name “fancypaperblog,” which matches mine (sort of) for a way, way different reason. I grew up Mennonite in PA and am fascinated by all things plain and fancy, my blog subtitle. 🙂


  10. I really love the categories in the Bloggers’ Bash awards 🙂 Such well thought out ones too and you among the others, totally deserve the nomination too. Wishing you all the best for the awards and may BUYB always be around to help us connect with each other.

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  11. Two days of voting left, around about… eeks! I’ll celebrate with you with my green tea at the moment, as it is rather early… but then move on to Prosecco when it’s the right time!
    Good luck for 3 weeks time!

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  12. LOL good luck! I voted for you way back when the awards first opened. I have to confess although I’ve been blogging for a long time now, it’s the warmth of this group that keeps me going! So happy to have stumbled upon it!

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  13. Congratulations. Know what you mean about Big Up Your Blog Facebook group it is amazing and I feel honoured every week to be with such vibrant individuals (you are so one of them as someone I visit). Drink wise I’m into ciders at the moment.


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