Referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution (regulating termination of pregnancy) 2018, commonly called ‘The Abortion Referendum’

Our world in Ireland has been overtaken by campaign paraphenlia relating to the referendum on repealing the eighth amendment in the Irish Constitution. Currently the law states this ‘The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.’  After the referendum if a Yes majority wins, the law will state this “Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancies”.

Here is the website to go to to learn more Commission Referendum 2018.

I call this the ‘silent but violent’ referendum. You won’t hear debates in staffrooms. In shops. On streets. In pubs. We are still very Irish when it comes to this chat. Stigma is FAR reaching. On both sides of the argument. You will hear vicious and scathing arguments on radio, TV and extremely opinionated voices expressed through media articles etc. I have heard no official debate that I could call clear, balanced or worthy of forming an opinion through, to date, as there seems to be no way for mediators to be objective as they try to give balance.

The paper/ propaganda/ canvassing   campaign is prevalent in places where there are no protests. Voices screech from posters, accusations are made from images, judgements declared on lamp posts.

I refer to both sides of the campaign.

Emotive. Passions run high. Just not face to face among the majority, those who have their private opinions, but are not campaigning aloud to change other minds.

I am writing more than I meant.

Because Irishness has gotten me. I won’t be voicing my decision either.

I will say one thing. Read the website. Decide yourself.

So I will now bring to you the images that I am driving past on a daily basis. The words. The campaign.

Be warned: some people may find offence here, some may be disturbed by the images/ words, some might not. These are not my words.

Why am I posting them? I just want you to see what myself and my young family are facing on a daily basis on the drive to work, the swimming pool, the shop and the park. Why all the pictures of babies Mammy, they ask. They are two and three.
















So there you have. A mere snapshot of what is being posted about the country.

You see, you cannot win. You are either non- nationalistic, a murderer, barbaric, uncivilized, unpatriotic, lacking in compassion, a radical, untrusting, sexist, uncaring or emasculated.

Silent. But violent.


30 thoughts on “Referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution (regulating termination of pregnancy) 2018, commonly called ‘The Abortion Referendum’

  1. I agree…the campaign is barbaric. I have abandoned Facebook until after the result as I have in-laws campaigning for both sides, with all the horrific imagery they can muster. I hope that you are happy with the result, whatever it may be.


  2. I’ve heard of this, as it has been mentioned in newspapers here in Norway too. I just feel like we get less and less control of our lives, we can’t choose anything ourselves anymore. It’s crazy that there’s even campaigns like these, where men can vote on the rights of a female body. I wish none of it was even necessary. 😦


  3. I personally hope the vote is yes. Having worked in Newcastle Airport and served Irish ladies with coffee who are in bits coming over to the UK for an abortion (for whatever reason) feeling scared and lonely they should have the right to do this in their own country without having to board a plane and make the whole situation even worse. As women we should have a right to decide health decisions for our own bodies. I am a Catholic but I am pro-choice.


    1. I agree with kindness too. Consideration. I don’t think young women suffering alone is the way forward. I never did. It is just so difficult to hear balance on this topic. We are behind on our culture on this one x
      You reminded me of what you see working in service- a snapshot of the world. I worked in hotels for years. Christmas was always tough- people in huge celebration and without fail a dad or man would arrive in searching for a missing child.
      Isolation and stigma are never the answer I feel in relation to this topic.
      As regards my Catholicism….that is a whole other post…

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      1. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve friends living in Ireland and they’ve shared photos like you have and how emotions are running very very high. I just hope whatever happens with the vote kindness and consideration prevails x


  4. I often wonder what happens to the women like me who had to have the abortion procedure after a miscarriage. In my case knowing what happened gave me the strength to continue and try again (resulting in my son!)
    I do believe in women’s right to choose. I do think that the deadline should be in terms of weeks instead of months. It’s a horrible procedure no matter what way you cut it.
    I do feel that the people against abortion are often the same people who complain about people on welfare with too many kids. So really you can’t win.


    1. There are a lot of stories on this very topic being shared across the country in the last few weeks but unfortunately I feel they are being drowned by hysteria on both sides.
      You are right about the no win.
      Am sorry my post brought on a painful memory x


  5. America has a constant fight on this too but wow, it isn’t on street corners. I read the us Supreme Court decision in entirety and while all men, their logic and reasoning is very sound. Worth the read (roe v wade). My mother’s answer to these arguments is always to make a word that will inspire people to have children, not force them. I hope it cools down and thank you for the look inside


  6. I feel for you, it must be horrible. We are obviously aware of the vote and watching with interest. Remarkably this issue brings the DUP and the Catholic Church together as odd bedfellows.

    I hope it calms down, it’s very decisive – much like Brexit here!

    Well written Orla!


  7. Reblogged this on Losing the Plot and commented:
    This is an excellent post by a friend, who runs the site Fancypaperblog, about the ‘abortion’ referendum that is happening in Ireland today.
    It is challenging some long held traditions and views are deep on both sides, regardless of the result, I hope there is a period of healing afterwards, something better than after Brexit here.

    over to you Orla x

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      1. I do hope everything works out – and that you aren’t left with a lot of bad feeling afterwards


  8. I’ve been following this story with interest from the States. I’m half Irish so it always interests me to learn about the politics there. I think you did a very good job portraying the atmosphere there without raising anyone’s ire.


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