Breaking Up with your Childminder

We have used the same creche service for two years now. It is intimate, in a rural setting and has staff who are excellent with children which is all we wanted. It is such a difficult thing making the choice who to leave your children with if you work away from home. It is heart rending listen to them cry when they do not want you to go. Basically you want to know they are being left with the kindest, sweetest, most earthly people imaginable. They need to be perfect. And this little place ticked our boxes. The girls have been happy there.

Things changed however. A series of small factors have merged to make one larger issue and it is time to move on.

Lines blur at times. Advice, gentle guidance for your child and the carer’s views are vital for your child’s growth. Occasionally opinions (maybe perceptions of opinions) veer into judgements. Intimacy can create over familiarity and occasionally become inappropriate- dare I say unprofessional. We have danced this line for quite some time. Recently I have dreaded the drop off/pick up. So we are making big changes.bitmoji-20180617115923

Betsy will begin preschool in a new place. Now, before you think this is all a bit hard for a two year old, know the following. She will definitely attend big school with the majority of the people she meets in this new playschool. She is related to several of the others starting. We live in the Cheers of counties, a place where everyone knows your name. This will not demand total change. Just gentle adaptation. She will have a shorter day. A later start. More time at home with her Daddy.

My eldest will start school this September. Is she ready? I am pretty sure she is. Am I? Clearly not. I have been known to laugh maniacally and claim complete dense stupidity when anyone asked the question. I have avoided certain conversation on the topic. Hell, I avoided actual people on the topic. Eventually people stopped asking if Gigi would start school this year.chalk

Every one has opinions on school starting. It took a while to clear the mud from my windscreen of denial and actually attempt reach clarity. I am clearer now. She should try.

She is ready.

I am getting there.

So we break up with the childminder. We had a super run, but we’re not in it long-term. We had different goals. We had ups and downs but sometimes even a small few downs is enough to expose larger underlying cracks. We hope to remain friends and leave with a handshake and good wishes.

The Papers are on a new path . Time to turn to a new page.


22 thoughts on “Breaking Up with your Childminder

  1. This must be a hard thing for parents! Being a nanny its a little different, but I can see how difficult it is for the kids and parents to switch care providers. Bonds are made and (for me) attachments and love grows. Its hard to sever that, but sometimes its for the best. I hope your little one enjoys her new place!

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      1. This is my first family but I’m leaving for the summer. I cant even imagine how Im going to feel haha I’ve already told the kids I’m coming over just to bounce on the trampoline haha

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  2. Good luck with the changes. I bet your little ladies will be totally fine. They know they have an awesome mum to come home to, so they’ll feel safe to explore new places. ❤

    I hope it turns out not to be too stressful for you.

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  3. Children are resilient. All they need is love, playtime, guidance, and someone to watch out for them. My son was in three different care situations before he started school. I was a nervous wreck while he thrived in all three environments.

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