Pickled Blog Project Tag

Today I am undertaking the Pickled Blog Project tag post. My new group of Facebook friends is a combination of many writers from the much loved (but now defunct) Big Up Your Blog group plus many new faces, led under the keen and fun-loving eye of Em Linthorpe of Pickledy Pins fame.

One introductory task has been the tag challenge and so here we have it. Short, sweet and well preserved.bitmoji-20180724093222

The questions 📣

1. What is your favourite pickled item to eat?

2. Tell us about a time you were in a “bit of a pickle” (a tough situation)
3. Pickle Rick, a character from Rick and Morty, is a personal hero of mine. Who are your heroes?
4. If you had to live in a jar, what three items would you take with you?

My answers🕯

1. I don’t eat pickles. Does this mean I am out? Pickled onions etcetera in bars freak me out. It is not an Irish thing. I do keep a jar of pickled red peppers in the fridge for curries and salads so I will go with this. Please don’t kick me out.

2. This is a toughie as there probably have been many, many, many of these situations in my life. I reckon when I was fifteen at a concert in Dublin with my friend was my first pickle to deal with without parents. It was at a venue called The Point. The area is pretty trendy but back then it was dodgy as hell. Our lift home didn’t turn up and we were there for hours after the concert ended, well into the small hours. It was about 1995 so we had no mobiles. My parents (way back down the midlands) hadn’t wanted me to go in the first place and we were trusting my friend’s brother to look after us which fell flat. The horror of they having been right was too much to take. At one point the limo (with Bryan Adams in it, who else could it have been?)came past us- didn’t stop though. Cheers Bryan. We got a lift back to the house we were staying in (in another county) from truck drivers packing up the stage. All of this story is a parenting nightmare. Thankfully the men were nice to us, made sure we got back to where we were staying and all ended well but otherwise it was all a bit yikes.


3. Heroes change as you age. Mine were always actors and actresses. Now it is a more personal choice based on reality. People I know directly. I also have several historical figures that I admire but it is the story of a writer that will always grab my attention. On a less personal level, I still think of JK Rowling as a hero. I love her story. It is full of determination and stubbornness to succeed with challenges bared down. I know there are hundreds of stories of bravery and selfless acts out there but I don’t think I could ever be that brave. I can relate more to Rowling. I love the way she uses Twitter and her incredible vernacular range to stand up to loudmouths.

colorful books on shelf
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

4. In my fully furnished Georgian style period jar, I would need my Harry Potter set, really cuddly pyjamas and a coffee maker including a lovely mug. It is a hygge container.

Jealous of my own jar fantasy

So here is my pickled entry. Onto the rest of the picked bloggers to meet the challenge! Get pickled folks.

pickled jalapenos preserve preserved
Photo by Ju00c9SHOOTS on Pexels.com

20 thoughts on “Pickled Blog Project Tag

  1. I’m not a big fan of pickles either (well, I mean apart from #PickledBlogs) BUT I do really love Korean pickles. I wonder if you’d like those? Maybe try namul to start with (as kimchi can be a bit spicy!!)

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