Summer Tag- Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers.

Welcome to my final summer blast out! I am celebrating getting back to work on Monday by undertaking a fun blog community tag that is all about communication and developing blog friendships. This is the lovely community of bloggers that is SIPB- Sharing,Inspiring and Promoting Bloggers.tree-200795_640Happily tagged by one of my favourite bloggers, Amelia, whose words glow with positivity on the page (OK screen!) I felt particularly inclined to take the challenge. Just as the temperatures begin to drop- today I can smell Autumn.bitmoji-20180824052525.png

SIPB members who are yet to participate- Tag!!

Could I also mention that anyone not part of the community but who would like to join to please get in touch? It is a very unpressured, pleasant cyber environment to be involved in.

The Tag💛

What is your favourite Summer holiday destination? We are not sun worshippers in my house. My favourite place would be in fact going somewhere new. I definitely have a few re-visit spots in Ireland such as Sligo or Cork but otherwise getting to a place that I can see a lot, learn a bit, eat well and relax is the dream.

What is your favourite childhood memory of Summer? Easy. Staying in my Granny’s house in Co. Roscommon. Playing all day with my cousins. Climbing trees, jumping drains, making assault courses, tree house living, feeding chickens and reading. August comes and watching The Rose of Tralee which signalled the end of summer. It was on last night. Some things change and some things really do not.Picture_20180824_181354173.png

Which do you prefer: ice-cream or frozen yogurt? Fro-Yo has not been a huge part of my world so I have to pick ice-cream. Nothing like the sound of the van in the midst of summer. I was at a wedding a few weeks past where an ice-cream van parked outside the church as organised by the couple. Soft serve all around! Cannot beat that.Picture_20180824_181056203.jpg

What is your go-to dinner on a hot Summer evening? Burgers. I am not into cold food for my main meal.

What is your favourite BBQ food? Burgers. I like the cow.🐃🐮

Share a song that takes you back to an amazing Summer. There are a million but I seem to remember Aswad for some reason and the early 90’s ilk. The walkman generation. Shine? And something called Sweat. A la la la la long. Not my favourite songs but I can clearly remember singsongs on buses to this kind of thing.

How do you beat the heat in the Summer? This is the question. We Irish of the pale skin and freckles are not built for heat on repeat. I changed a few clothing choices. Drank a lot. Stayed in shade a lot. Opened a few windows.

Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool? The pool is my regular choice as I live inland but any time I have been swimming/floating in the ocean it was glorious.

Do you prefer to travel with family, friends or solo? People. Family holidays are the best. Friend holidays are more relaxing as I only have to mind myself. I am not a solo traveller really even though I have done it quite often in the past. I just like travelling.

Flip-flops or barefoot? Footwear. Definitely! Too much gravel in the world for a barefoot bravery.

Bye bye Summer! bitmoji-20180824060138.png



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