Lough Boora: Ireland’s Best Kept Secret for a Family Day Out

On the occasion of the Boora Parklands winning first place in Irish must see places. Congratulations and well deserved! #LoveOffaly


You might have noticed how much I bleat about Offaly.

Picture_20180212_104557327 Typical traffic jam at home.

It is my home county. Located in the heart of the Irish midlands, it hasn’t the racy, rugged coastline popularity of Kerry, Cork or Waterford, nor the eclectic draw of Galway. We haven’t the connotations of holding a capital city. We are not on the more commonly discussed lists of ‘Must See Places in Ireland’. I am here to argue against that perception. Offaly needs your attention. We have a tremendous amount to offer! You will not be disappointed. Just watch out for potholes…Picture_20180212_104101072.jpgAncient, monastic Clonmacnoise, pretty old world Birr, rural, mountainous (haunted) Kinnity, boat and swan-laden picturesque Shannon Harbour, Tullamore with its whiskey distillery: I can go on. Today I am focusing on one feature in particular close to home and my heart. The Lough Boora Parklands. A beautiful place to relax and…

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12 thoughts on “Lough Boora: Ireland’s Best Kept Secret for a Family Day Out

  1. Now that I am living here in Europe I want so badly to travel to all of the places I have dreamed of. But, my husband continues to remind me that I must be patient. Ireland is very near the top of my travel list. It’s killing me to be so close, and yet not be able to visit yet. Soon, he tells me, soon.

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