Clutter, Cheer and a Slice of Cake

It is St. Stephen’s Day and I am sitting on the couch with half an eye on The Dirty Dozen, carrying on a conversation with my sister and children and feeling plumper than plump. Tip tapping away on my phone. Multitaskers that we Mothers are.

I love the season. I adore getting ready but I over buy. I then am attacked by consumer rage which makes me terribly annoyed with all the stuff surrounding us. I build the prison of clutter in which I find myself ensnared.

The food is the same. Glorious feasting. It is bought. Baked. Melted. Roasted. Buttered. Devoured. And I feel entitled to every morsel.Picture_20181226_165525835.png

My children are having a ball. They have also argued, squealed, demanded and been demonic. We have had the cutes too. I was also told that these days at home were the best days by my four year old. So that is what matters.

Christmas night, Gigi told me she was so pleased the day wasn’t ruined. Ruined by mice trying to steal Christmas- thank you Nutcracker.

Betsy has reworded the Hail Mary prayer. To Hail Mary, full of Betsy. She likes to be part of things.

Gigi has just given me a list of potential activities for the rest of the day.

Mammy what will we do next? Go to a park? Feed swans? Buy a Christmas tree? Get decorations. .. anything you want Mammy. Something nice.

It is past five pm and dark. I want to flake out. Preferably with an actual Flake. Never mind looking for swans.

We have watched Home Alone which my kids view as a somewhat horror story. Wide eyed and distraught at an abandoned Kevin McAllister, they looked at it with all the tension of a Spielberg thriller.

I have been berated as to why we don’t have a huge family like the McAlisters and a house as big. No pleasing some people.

We have been watching Angela’s Christmas from Brown Bag films repeatedly in preparation for the season.

The nicest thirty minutes you will spend at Christmas with your family is watching this animated featurette. Taken from Frank McCourt’ s Angela’s Ashes, it is less of the grim and more of the golden side of Christmas. Lines such as:

We will wrap you up like a little holy sausage’

spoken to the baby Jesus is unbeatable T.V.

And that is where we are at in the Paper house today.

Happy holidays folks!


28 thoughts on “Clutter, Cheer and a Slice of Cake

  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! The children in my extended family views Home alone as a sort of horror movie too.. To me it sounded wonderful to be left home alone for a while but I was a very weird kid.

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  2. Also my girls are constantly suggesting me fun stuff to do… so many that most of the time we get lost in the ideas and end up doing nothing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Very good writing, you captured the moment with words that make the reader feel like being in your living room.

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  3. Ack! How did I not know about this show?! _Angela’s Ashes_ is my all time fav memoir; I actually took the _Angela’s Ashes_-themed tour when my husband and I visited Limerick! The kids’ program looks adorable! So glad you’re having a nice holiday

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