Winter Book Love

Reading is my happy place. I always love reading other bloggers’ literary adventures so I shall continue to write my Book Love series in the hope of giving another book lover food for thought. Or more reason to buy even more books!

Autumn and Winter have been good to me bookwise. I have quite the list of page turners to talk about. We may be talking two part post here.


The one that got me talking…

Asking for It by Louise O’Neill

This book has been a massive success as a literary piece. People talk about it. Worry about it. Are repelled. Fascinated by the horror, we are all shocked to the core by the potential reality. I read swiftly despite the sickening feeling every word gave me. It is being dramatized and I am sure this will bring more notoriety for its controversial themes. I am loathe to give away more. Read it. Then message me.

The one for my kids…

King Baby by Kate Beaton

This book for small children has me in stitches. The manner in how a baby becomes an autocratic leader in a domestic setting- Is he ok? Too cold? Too hot? – is delightfully played. The illustrations were my favourite part. A demonic egg in a rotund babygro is the best way to describe the totalitarian dictator that is King Baby. It also afforded me a chance to do voices.

The thriller they all talked about…

Thirteen by Steve Cavanaugh

One of the must-reads in 2018, my friend loaned me this with several other thrillers making the bestseller list. This novel was the sharpest of the thrillers that I read, with most compelling storyline. It would make a good movie. A solidly enjoyable read.

The quick read…

A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

Another thriller, I found it compelling enough to finish. It is one of those thrillers that generates a lot of conversation but you are not sure if it is a terribly good book. If you like a quick read that has decent element of mystery but not to take too seriously then this is for you. Some of these books can be a bit like the old holey Swiss cheese but if you turn a blind eye to that then you will enjoy it.

The one with resolution…

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

This is also a much talked novel hitting the best seller lists. I enjoyed the story and was compelled to keep on reading at a quick pace. I particularly enjoyed the resolution- I felt I needed this type of ending after the cop out closing of The Couple Next Door (next post). A decent thriller. It made me revise previous pages as I started to lose the narrative at times but I believe now this to have been a plot technique. I originally put it down to two author voices. Sticking with it, it worked. A satisfying read.

The one I want to live by…

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

My sister gave this book as a gift having read my blog posts on the topic. As I suspected, much of what I am reading is something I definitely have experienced or craved or for the years. Contentment in life. A lovely book. Thank you sister!

The one making me want to read the next one …

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Reilly

This was a work colleague’s recommendation and is the first in a series that is her favourite. I love the idea of a saga having been a firm fan of stories such as The Forsyte Saga and this novel does not let me down. I relished the time hop in history as we meet characters from the family line, seeing where they met, engaged and ended up. The sisters’ background is very much reminiscent of my beloved Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. An older, mainly absent explorer male figure brings these children together from across the globe giving wide scope for tales that can spread far and wide in time and destination. I am looking forward to the next one.

The Book Club non- fiction one…

My Life in France by Julia Child

This was the book of choice in the Facebook book club run A Book and a Beverage. A great choice- I loved Julia’s story. The cultural context of politics, history and travel are as interesting as the descriptions of food and fine dining. Julia and Paul’s relationship is a super story and their Valentine’s photo shoot is worth a look in its own right without reading another page.

The one with the best character…

The Cactus by Sarah Heywood

Not sure where I got the recommendation but I am so glad I did. Reminiscent of the wonderful Eleanor Oliphant at times, the main character of Susan is very much her own lady. She is the story. A cactus- blooming without water. Well worth a read.

Enough for one post- more to follow. I love recommendations based on my reading too and I do not just say that. I am notorious for purchasing too many lovely books! Feel free to tell me yours.


25 thoughts on “Winter Book Love

  1. I haven’t read a good thriller in a veeeeery long time, so Thirteen by Steve Cavanaugh sounds good idea 😉 Thank for all the recommendations, I’ve already added some to my wishlist!

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  2. I love the idea of “king baby”, which I hadn’t heard of before. In France there is a phrase called “l’enfant roi” (the child king) which is used to describe kids who are well used to giving the orders at home! I’ve also been really interested in hunting down a copy of Julia child’s “my life in france”, so this just makes me want to get on with it 🙂

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  3. Fabulous round up Orla! I haven’t heard of these but will take note of your recommendations. I like the sound of the King Baby as my granddaughter is now 4 months old and I love reading to her when I visit. Thanks and reading is my happy place too 🙂

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  4. I LOVE your new banner for your blog–the cutest cartoon family. I just bought a family portrait from Etsy in a similar style. But, yours is just plain adorable. Love the King Baby book too—I wish my son was still young enough to enjoy it.


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