The Story of how Saint Patrick came to Ireland through the Eyes of a Four Year Old.

Saint Patrick’s day being on the horizon and giving us Irish folk a national holiday, Gigi is learning about the holy green dude in religion class. Today, part of the homework was to tell her family the story of St Patrick and how he got to Ireland. Here is the original tale. My child’s version is so much better and I have chosen to share it with you.

Not much else needs to be said.

One day, one day, one day…one day the pirates took Patrick to Ireland.

No one knew about Dog there.

I mean God.

So anyway this mean lad took him.

I am going to call him Milk ‘cos I can’t remember his name so let’s just call him Milk for now.

Milk was a mean lad.

Milk made him mind sheep and sleep in the shed and that’s why he was so, so mean. He done that and that’s not kind.

Patrick wanted to go home and one day, one day he runned away.

He went to Ireland and told everyone about God because nobody had knowed about him before.

The end.

There you have it. Happy Saint Patrick’s day folks☘wherever you may be.


30 thoughts on “The Story of how Saint Patrick came to Ireland through the Eyes of a Four Year Old.

  1. I love your daughter’s version. I love that she called Patrick’s master ‘Milk’. I’ve never understood what St. Patrick’s day was about, here in Australia is seems to be about green beer and wearing green, so it’s nice to read the true story, both your daughter’s version and the true version. He sounds like the kind of religious leader we all want, humble and caring.

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      1. Lashing rain can be wonderful if you’re warm and toasty inside your house, which I hope you are, and not outside looking for shelter 🙂

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