Summer Tag with Amelia!

Amelia is enjoying summer and I am going to join her in a game of tag. Anyone up for a summer tag? Click here🌻

1. Favourite summer activity when I was growing up. I loved being in the countryside with my cousins in Roscommon. Also, long cycles around home. Gone all day, no mobile phone and probably no money. Roads are so dangerous now it is not that easy to do anymore for kids which is a pity.

2. Favourite summer treat? Traditional 99 Cone with a flake. Also, Wexford strawberries as soon as the vans pop up on the side of the road.

3. Are you a flip-flop person? Not at all! I need a secure shoe but I do like sandals.

4. Hot and humid? Sorry- humidity sucks!! Like in Canada, summer is short here so we should enjoy the heat when we have it but I admit to enjoying relief from humidity.

5. How do you feel about the beach? We are on the other side of the Atlantic here to Amelia and the sea is cold but I still love the beach. Growing up in the midlands, sea and sand has a distinctly holiday feel and is always fun.

6. Favourite summer activity as an adult. Outdoor drinks and snacks! I just like being able to bring the kids to places knowing we won’t need coats.

7. Favourite summer meal. I have a strong dislike of eggs due to summer salad of the 1980s so anything summery without egg suits me. BBQ obviously, without the coleslaw, is the best.

8. Favourite summer vacation. Just had a lovely week in Lanzarote! Great for the kids and a nice breeze to dispel the heat and dreaded humidity.

9. Favourite summer read. Just taking time to read is great. I have read tons this summer! I like something that is intriguing and doesn’t make me gloomy. Just finishing Steve Cavanagh’s Twisted.

10. Secret summer indulgence? I love…diet Coke. I always try a summer lemonade type drink but go back to the coke. I try not to have too many however as I know they aren’t good. Or a strawberry daiquiri!

Fun tag! Thanks Amelia! Anyone who wishes to join in is most welcome. Enjoy those summer moments while you have them🌅.

43 thoughts on “Summer Tag with Amelia!

  1. I loved your answers Orla and you Bitmojis too 🙂 Lanzarote sounds amazing. Enjoy your summer as we enjoy our winter here, although where I am at the moment it’s quite a mild 18 degrees during the day.

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  2. I’m not a fan of flip flops as I’m good at tripping in them. I enjoy watching the sea, but not with the kids… as I hate sand! It gets everywhere! I love ice cream and I do like coke too, in small amounts. I’m not keen on humidity and heat. On Wednesday my car read 43 degrees inside.. (it was about 34 degrees outdorrs according to the forecast) the steering wheel was unbearably hot. The weather here is cooler today which is a relief.

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  3. I like you comment about the beach, Orla. I am a little spoiled I can get to one quite readily and maybe take it for granted. It is one of my favorite things and don’t go nearly as often as I should. Sounds like your summer is going along well, especially if you are getting a lot of reading in. I’m jealous!

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  4. When the humidity is high I often stay indoors. I can not stand it very much at all. I do love the beach though and the sun. 🙂 I definitely could understand how a cob salad wouldn’t be good in the heat too. However, I LOVE some devil eggs.

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  5. Thank you so much for this great summer read! Now I wish I could have a summer vacation and enjoy all the above, but wait …… my vacation is due in 6 weeks, still summery but fortunately not with all the heat, so I can not complain. Thank you also for being part of SIPB and sharing your stories with us.

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  6. Great post! I love learning more about you!

    Although I have to admit, I have never found Ireland to be too humid in the summer out where we lived in Connemara. It would be pretty humid (well, soft) in winter, but in the summer when it was hot, it wasn’t too humid. It might just be that living in japan has redefined my definition of huminity!? 😉

    p.s. now I fancy a mr whippy with a flake. They don’t have the flakes over on this side of the pond – noooo!!

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      1. Awww you are the sweetest! But don’t worry! We’re visiting Europe in September (and flying via London) so I can have a proper ice-cream then!!

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  7. I remember the bike rides and no mobiles as well so much freedom… I feel sorry for the kids now… But I am also a flip flop girl for ever… Haha… Love this post it evoked many memories.. Have a great weekend x

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