As the larger book blog posts I write are a bit of a handful, I have decided to try a OneBookOnePost style and see how that works.

So, today is the edible Midnight at the Blackbird Café by Heather Webber.

Don’t you want to just start eating?

There is definitely a trend for cutely titled novels. Little bakeries and sweet corner hat stores with chocolate curled prettiness attached are swamping shelves. Some of these books are just delicious. Some are saccharine and painful. Here, the title is very relevant to the plot and a shade darker in plot than most. This is not a sickly sweet tale.

I recommend this enjoyable novel to lovers of Joanne Harris’ Chocolat series. If you want a Vianne Rocher who now lives in the Bayou, plenty of olfactory delight and a touch of the supernatural, this is your book. Webber will make you want to eat freshly baked pie at a local eaterie in a tiny town where everyone knows your name but gossip could be a knife in your back.

A definite recommend from me.


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