OneBookOnePost #3 Fiction

Songbirds by Christy Lefteri (from the The Beekeeper of Aleppo fame) fell into my lap on our short summer staycation to Kildare. I had finished my book, forgotten to pack more (I still think this was sabotage) and had to buy another. When you have a TBR pile in three different rooms in your home, a BorrowBox line up and a virtual book list on your Audible app, this is really indulgent. It was lovely!

Once again, I worried the cover was far too beautiful for the book to live up to. Such prettiness, such vibrancy! Thankfully, the book was well able to stand up beside its gorgeous cover. This story engages through mystery, sends the reader on imaginative journeying through setting and educates on cultural realities through character and plot. Beauty and pain carefully co-exist in this excellent book which is cleverly symbolised through the songbirds. I enjoyed reading every page.

Another fantastic read-  I fully recommend it. If you enjoyed American Dirt I think you might like this novel.


A beautiful book.

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