OneBookOnePost #6 Inspired by a true story

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World is probably the most poignant book I have read this year. The concept of the phone box as a place to speak to or about your lost ones is a stab to the heart in its tragic beauty.

This novel takes place after the horrific natural disaster in Japan of 2011. As you know, an earthquake occurred which in turn set off a devastating tsunami. The images and footage rocked the world but like any event such as this, we rarely see the difficulties that follow these terrible events. Friends are quietly made from the ashes of pain in this book and pilgrimages are made to the phone box. This is a beautiful book about grief and hard to read at times without shedding tears. The phone box is real- people use this device to speak to the wind and in this way navigate their loss. People’s ability to survive, continue and even connect whilst dealing with such horrific trauma is mind bending.


I love the delicate imagery
of the cover.

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