A First Tooth

Little Betsy is our six month old, smiling, beautiful little bundle of joy. She has energy in abundance and a love of life that emanates from a fabulously wide, endearingly gummy grin, both easily given and impossible to forget. It is impossible not to smile at this child.

I have written about her recent discomforts at bedtime in Looking forward to anaesthesia. Times can get tough and it is hard to see through the mud. Then the magic of babies occur. We now have a first tooth. A little precious pearly tip of enamel that makes us feel so proud. It is her Everest. Her Olympic medal. Her Oscar.


I knew there had to be something  wrong. It is difficult to be rational with yourself when you feel up against a wall. I am just so pleased that one like toothie is through.

Little Sweet Betsy.

Teeth are such an unpredictable body part. My father in law often says teeth give you trouble all your life.  Trouble coming and trouble going.  I have been pretty lucky with teeth. I hope our lasses are lucky too.

Brushing Gigi’s teeth is a part of our routine. I am still uncertain if we do enough. Often she ‘does it herself’ which doesn’t count I suppose. I recently freaked myself out reading about tooth decay in toddlers. Here is hoping that good diets and our best attempts at keeping their oral hygiene straight keeps them cavity free.

Not quite ready for you yet little lady!

It is quite a milestone for this little girl and for us. Many more little choppers to come and many more evenings for me to second guess my instincts on parenting!

Next up…crawling!

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