My daughter, the dream politician.

Today I place the argument before you as to why my daughter would be better placed in government than MANY  of those already there.bitmoji-20160703072237

The political world that I observe from my couch is a bit of a floundering dinghy ridiculously tumbling closer to jagged edged rocks at the moment. It may be safer if it were fully out to sea, but actually it is in sight of land. The potentially fatal rocks are in between. The lighthouse keeper has just gotten his Netflix updated and cannot be trusted. Hence the dodginess of the situation.

Ireland had a hung Dail situation for weeks in late Spring and are only getting their act together now. It was a ridiculously frustrating and petty situation to be an armchair politician for. I got so annoyed at their inability to work together, to be cohesive and put the real issues before their petty grievances. At least they have moved on now. They can argue pointlessly again and not actually aid the difficulties in our health system.

Let us now move to Brexit. What a powder keg that is. Lying there. Awaiting flame. The people of the UK are confused. Personally I worry how it might affect Ireland, in particular the farmers. I know that it is creating discord and smashing harmony amongst the population in daily life alone. I just hope the situation realises itself positively to end.brexit-1477302_640

There is also the big kahuna. What in the name of Lord is going to happen in the US? The most powerful politician in the world. It matters so much to so many that the US leader be a right one. We are left on tenterhooks.

I wonder at these politicians.

I wonder about the skill set required to be one of these ‘politicians’. They often appear so light in goodness, humanity or the ability to communicate.

No one sensitive or kind need apply.

They can thrive on dominace. Power. Dirty tactics. They are even ruthless. Machiavellian. In order to represent the people, you must leave your ability to be human at the door. It is impossible to know the right choice. Crazy hair or coiffured hair?there_ive_said_it_house_of_cards-gap.jpg

OK so maybe the right choice is obvious in some cases. ..!!

Then you have my daughter. 27 months old. Never ran for government. Only represents the Peppa Pig Party but has plenty of skills that I feel a politician should have. Is it possible that my two year should be held as an example of what the world needs?

Shall we see?

Gigi’s skill include…

  1. Negotiator Extraordinaire.  Me: It is bedtime Gigi. Gigi: I need story.  Me: Just one. Gigi: Cinderella. (I read it). Me: Now time to say night night. Gigi: I need story. Me: We just had one. Gigi: Just one. Please. Then night night. Need Tiger. (Adoring smile)  and so on until there are five stories. (Who can refuse reading The Tiger That Came to Tea to that winning smile? 

  2. Expert at Deferring/Avoiding Tricky Topics of Debate Me: Time to clean up. Gigi: Why? Me: So we can go have dinner. Gigi: Where Daddy go? Me: Milking cows (thinking, where actually did Daddy go?) Now let us tidy. (She claps and sings the clean up song. I put away toys) Gigi are you helping me?  Gigi: Mammy,  I need din-din. Me: I know. We need to clean first. Gigi: Where Daddy go? (I think yeah, where is he? In my distraction, I tidy. By now I have done all the cleaning and we can eat. She is playing with her toy buggy.).

    Smarter than you think. There is only one dodo here.
  3. Boundless energy. Can run around the kitchen island fifteen times without losing breath. How many politicians do you know who can do that?girl-46698_640.png
  4. Passionate about what she loves. Gigi: Where my Peppa?  (plaintive howl). She cuddles her to bursting point when found. This girl fights with determination for her beliefs.
  5. Endearing, Lovable and Kind. Says ‘I luh you!’in sing song tone all the time. Cuddles anyone she knows. I think she would never refuse a handshake. No bitterness.  No cynicism. Just plain old fashioned good hearted.all-you-need-is-love-194916_640
  6. Well turned out . Always in the finest duds. A politician/toddler should always look the part if we are to have confidence in them! Yes, I judge Mick Wallace for the way he dresses to represent his voters.

    Mick Wallace1
    Independent TD for Wexford.
  7. A friend to all. My daughter sees no ages, colours, genders, religions or cultures. She just sees people who might be made smile. Can we all say the same? compassion-651448_640
  8. Honest and Truthful. She has no problem telling me when the dinner I made is ‘yucky Mammy’ or ‘licious’  Mammy. She wouldn’t skirt the issue. She would tell us when the country was broke before we really were in trouble. Dig intended.
  9. Excellent follow up skills. For example, I mentioned eggs the other morning. A good thirty minutes later she came up with her bowl, hands palm out in questioning manner, ‘Where are eggs Mammy?’. This is what you want. Not someone who allows promises to help the flood victims in Ireland and casually forgets all about it. You want someone to put it to them! Where are the EGGS!0-kxR9EIDkmO17SeNN.jpg
  10. Commands a room. My girl can keep a room enthralled with the smallest gesture. She makes clapping hands seem as beautiful a sight as a dawn sunrise over Macchu Picchu. A politician needs the ears of the people and needs them to want to listen. Just like my Gigi can do.machu-picchu-43385_640

So would you vote for someone like that? Someone you know for sure has all those qualities?  Sure, she is a bit young and inexperienced…

But I believe my point is made.bitmoji-20160703072715.png

The Pramshed


12 thoughts on “My daughter, the dream politician.

  1. Ireland is my fall back plan, since I was born there I can claim citizenship (asylum) but now Brexet? It’s a crazy world and I think our framers knew someday a tot would be a better option so there is an age requirement in our constitution; 35 for president and 40 for senate (parliament kinda). Ps, even though I was born in Ireland I could be president because I’m “natural born ” since my mom is American. I’m also just 36, maybe I will run on a platform of good snacks and play outside

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  2. That’s a policy I vote for! We had a marriage equality referendum last year but we also voted on moving the presidential age cap back to 21…I think it was. We stuck with 35!


  3. Your daughter sounds like she would put the world to rights, and be much better than all these politicians with these ridiculous campaigns persuading the British public to vote Leave all for it to be a pack of lies, and then to run to the hills! I am very angry about that. Anyway I shan’t get into a debate in a blog post comment. Point 7 sums it up perfectly, I wish that everyone was like your daughter. Thanks so much for linking up this week at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  4. She’s got my vote. I am familiar with three-year-old negotiating skills. They are miraculous. But I give credit to us parents as well, it takes two. One to ask, the other to concede, both to think they got the best deal.

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