27 thoughts on “Eggshells!

  1. Hahaha! I remember this do well. My Hubble and I celebrated our freedom from little sprogs in our room until recently; we have replaced said freedom with a new addition that now owns our bedroom and said big bed – the dog!! The good thing is we can happily kick him off and tell him to sleep in his cushy bed, right next to me on the floor, when it all gets a bit too cramped! After four kids, I think we earned it lol!

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  2. Oh no!!! Have you tried being noisier at nap time so she learns to sleep through noise? I used to hoover and have the radio on and chat loudly during nap time and touch wood, they are both pretty good at sleeping through noises. I feel for you reading this. Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

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  3. I remember this well, tiptoeing into bed, snuggling up, thinking all’s good… and then the wee head pokes up. And I remember the tiredness – Holy smoke, I remember that!

    Quietly wishing you a good nights sleep x

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