Little Gems

Is there any harm looking for the moments of the day that make today different to others? Better? I believe not! Life, being a series of moments, it is only right to acknowledge some of the nicer ones occasionally. Something tiny in your life today could be an unexpected gem.

There is no light bulb moment or awe inspiring thrill seekers’ experience here. You see being a Mother can be tough, but there is a benefit. The fun is in the small things. No need to pay for tickets to Springsteen (and lose a night’s sleep 😨) when you can find happiness in your garden. Or on your telly.

We will tell ourselves that anyway.

So here are my little gems. These made me smile. Today. 24th August 2016.

My WW class. I love this morning class. It cracks me up. The smartpoints we have wrong. The things we do right. The leader, Patricia is a professional people person and I don’t care who knows it. A brilliant leader. Only for her, my doctor and I would be falling out over my BMI. So I smiled today.


Even though I was a half pound up. The class made me laugh as we discussed coffees and their points throughout Ireland.

Good coffee. I left class and had a coffee. Had a longin’ after all that chat! I believe a coffee should always be sniffed before you drink it. For me, that is half the point of a coffee.


Just before you add milk, take a long feel inhale in your nostrils. Amazing. So I did. A little gem of a moment.

A strange one- The Rose of Tralee. I have alluded to this bizarre (but lovable to us Irish as it is our daft tradition ) competition of …well I can’t really say what.


You see the parody on Fr Ted (Lovely Girls Competition) seems too close the event to not ring true. Read Fr Ted and nineties Ireland… A nod to Frank Kelly. Anyhow, despite my adult reservations of what it stands for, the show has lovely memories for me as a child. I loved it. I wanted to be a Rose so badly. I always spent that week in my Granny’s house in Roscommon. We watched together, making bets and genuinely bonding. That time is sadly past but the memory is strong. The show still makes me smile. Especially when mad stuff happens at it. Poor Cavan rose had to deal with a petitioner for father’s rights storm the stage midst her turn. I am not against the cause. It is just very Fr Ted -esque to see this particlar storming! I felt sorry for the girl as it interrupted her interview but the incident made me howl laughing and I keep watching it. Wanna see it? Click here I didn’t even watch the whole show. Just the funny bits. Like the stage invasion. It is still a gem that made me laugh. That and the lovely memory of competitions past in my Granny’s house.

Body suits. I know. You wonder! You know those adult babygros vests with the button under flaps? These are back in fashion.


I didn’t buy any. However they make smile as I remember 1992 and the ones I once had. I was a skinny twelve year old and thought them the height of fashion. No bulgy tummy worries. I see them on shelves in Penneys today and I smile.

My biggest gems are obviously my little ladies. A little gem that they offer is when both make eye contact and it makes them giggle. That makes me giggle. It makes me proud, happy and overwhelmed. They did that this morning when they woke up. Sweet as an iced gem biscuit. Remember those?


So you see! I can have a gem filled day without heading to Italy or having a white water raft ride! No need to shop in designer stores or hit the top theatre. Big moments can arrive in small packages. They may seem silly to some.To me they are little gems. They make the day better.

Have you any to share?

I just want to thank all people who took time to vote for fancypaper at the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards.

36 thoughts on “Little Gems

  1. I missed the rose of travel this year! I have to watch the rerun but might just watch the funny bits too 🙂 its wonderfully bad 🙂 oh and I remember, her those body suits Too! Made me feel so grown up when I was a kid haha #fortheloveofblog


    1. I know! As much as I don’t want to watch, the time it is on every year is so emotively nostalgic 😀I always watch a bit. Then it gets too cringe! ! The body suits were big discounts wear if I recall😊😊with high waisted wranglers😨😨 thanks for commenting #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. I often think that it is the small things in life that are the most important. My little gem is my daughter washing up, just because x

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    1. Thank you for reading! I love bittersweetblog btw. I think it helps me so much time get through tougher moments when I take a few minutes to look at the sweet stuff. Bitter and sweet😊


  3. Lovely feel good post. Body suits took me back a few years, they were always so uncomfortable for me as I was so long and gangly in the body as a teenager and they pulled in all the wrong places! Beautiful to read. I think my little gem this week has been having brunch today and no one had a meltdown and everyone stayed around the table and it was pretty good, I hope there is more meals like that to come. I actually ate my food…hot!:)

    mainy – myrealfairy


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    1. Oh wow that is a good one! Am glad you got to have that as we are in prime melt down season😨😨 here. The bodysuit one is getting a lot of reaction. We all have memories of that and most are how uncomfortable they were. And low! Thanks for your lovely words and hope you get many more hot meal gems😊#fortheloveofBLOG

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  4. What a lovely idea. I definitely need to enjoy the little things more and make the most of them. The body suits threw me back in time too! Yet another that makes me feel old lol. I did have jelly tots yesterday – that was a be of a throw back and reminded me of being a child with no responsibility! Ah happy days eh. Thanks for linking to #fortheloveofblog xx

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  5. Lovely! Yes, it is often the little things which can change our day or make our day better in a big way. I love just having a cuppa and watching the world go by while I have five or ten minutes to myself. And I do remember those iced gem biscuits!!! I used to eat the icing and leave the biscuits. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. That was it. The biscuit was the dull bit. Was there a polar bear on the packaging? ? Or is my memory confused. .! Just had that cuppa and chocolate moment now and feel like a new woman!! Thanks for your nice comments x #bigpinklink


  6. I really like this post made me smile. You can buy iced gems still in supermarkets just FYI.

    There’s a lovely lollipop man who waves at drivers who drive carefully down his patch (road) every single day rain or shine. He makes me morning commute that little bit nicer.

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  7. Hi. Oh my, the body suits – being of a very similar age to you I remember them being in fashion also, and asking my mam to get me one as they were the cool thing to be wearing. I don’t think I wore it all that much. Entirely impractical!!

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  8. I love these, of course. I call the little gems in my day, “awesome nuggets.” Yesterday, my old team from the job I recently left included me on an email with a picture they thought I’d like. It’s so nice to be remembered by people you love.

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  9. I needed to read this today. You’re absolutely right, sometimes it is the small things, actually quite often it is. For me today it’s winter approaching and having a great excuse for lighting candles and having a hot water bottle.

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  10. Your such a positive person! What a lovely post. Let’s see….my little gems….ummm, the wine I’m about to drink. The 2-3 Reese cups I ate today. Someone liked my dress and for once….my son didn’t beacon me to come into the bathroom while he showered to tell me a painfully long story that just popped into his head. Overall, good day!

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