While You Were Sleeping

You see, I wasn’t to know. Who could know? Who can predict that the big sleep was going to happen today? If only I had known! I might have made a plan. Might have ‘got stuff done’. Painted a few window ledges. Pruned a few sad looking roses. Reorganised a few wardrobes of unworn clothes. The Forever To Do List! Still to be done …

You see, I expected at least one of you to wake.

But you didn’t.

You both slept on like the peaceful angels you are.

By the time I knew it was happening, it was too late! I had casually wasted my time.


While you were sleeping…

I could have weeded the flower pots.

Uncluttered a few presses.

Written a decent blog post.

Planned a few lessons for class.

Vacuum packed some old gear.

Dusted a few shelves.

Framed some pictures.

Brushed down a dog.

Ironed on some name tags.


I could have napped too.

No. None of that. I did none. Instead I squandered the time. Foolish!

I washed the kitchen floor. Again.

Browed Twitter.

Ate cheesy, cheesy pasta.

Drank a WHOLE cup of hot coffee.
Insulted my intelligence watching some guy called Stephen and another called Colin on that love to hate to love show we call Celebrity Big Brother and how they are the reason why the world can be a headwreck to figure out. Stephen and Colin have given themselves other names but I choose to call them by their actual first names.

Ate a flapjack.

Stared into space.

Listened to nothing.

While you were sleeping. I did nothing. I could have fixed the world. This time I didn’t.


22 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. Haha love this ! When my first was napping at home I would waste the time worrying about how long he was going to sleep for . With my second the minute she closed her eyes I was on the couch with a cuppa #brillblogposts

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  2. I have done this so many times. I don’t get chance now as mine doesn’t nap anymore. I refused to feel guilty though. As busy Mum’s we all deserve the time to just do nothing. Don’t feel bad. Enjoy it. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  3. Ah no don’t worry about all the things you could have done. Enjoy you things you did do. That precious nap time is time for you to do what you want to do, not too panic too much about the chores they will always be there. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofblog. Claire x

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