Baby Betsy is One

Today we mark a special milestone in life. Darling little baby Betsy is a whole one year old. I can hardly believe it.20161025_152116

This time last year Betsy was popped into a pumpkin babygro at one week old. Now it adorns a dolly as decoration. It swamps the dolly. How tiny our little lady must have been at 8lb 6 and how quickly we forget.

She is crawling like an Olympic champion. Standing proudly to attention at her Peppa table. We have lots of gurgles and little words -sheesh (cheese), baba, mama, Dada, there y’are… (peekaboo game) and occasionally ‘durtee’ whilst she proffers a speck of something black, floor abiding and indistinct. ‘Kish’ and the planting on baby lips on your face with always the slightest threat of butting heads.

She is a ball of personality. Smiles, grins, bouncing and sweet. Big kisses given, thrown or even just licking your nose, she is precious at every level.20161025_093033-1

Betsy is her own little lady. She has carved herself a clear and beautiful corner in this home, all of her own. I cannot imagine a time when she wasn’t here pulling on my jumper to be picked up. Snapping necklaces in half. Kicking her legs over excitedly at the sight of blueberries. Screeching when something she wants doesn’t play fair. Winding up her sister.

Did you know a barely one year old can be proficient at deliberately winding up an elder sister? They really can. She adores Gigi like a stereotype and wants everything Gigi touches like any truly great fan. It causes friction and fun depending on the day.

Celebrating Betsy’s birthday almost has to be synonymous with Halloween. Who can boast having a child’s first birthday party with a decoration like this on the French doors…?20161025_093019-1.jpg

It has been a tough and terrific year really. Two smallies is hard going but we have been lucky to have healthy girls. Betsy will go to her own room soon. We will miss her but we all need our own space. She is one now after all…

On another pleasant note! For my ‘birth’ day I am giving myself a present. I am getting RID of the bottle steriliser.  Am so excited to get the kitchen space back. Woop! Small things…

For Betsy we have liberty as a gift. Mobility. Power. A green 3 in 1 trike, hopefully she loves it.20161025_151257

Happy birthday sweet little girl xx we love you so very much. You have made our lives so much richer with your toothy grin and your complete, all consuming, uncompromising  love of us. Have a great time celebrating your twelve months of life.

We sure will. It is all happening so fast. Happy birthday Little One x




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