How to Theme a One Year Old’s Party for Halloween…

I don’t think it should be a natural amalgam. A one year old’s dotey little jelly ‘n’ icecream, buttercream sandwich with just one candle and Peppa cards to be automatically combined with images of Freddie Crougar, zombie werewolves (as if a zombie or indeed a werewolf alone are not frightening enough) and the devil. Dressing my children up as Satan for her first birthday?  One of those traditions that is completely ACCEPTABLE in Irish catholic society on 31st October. Again, I wonder. No question mark.

I thrive on ironies however.  Cultures and their quirks crack me up. Here we have another oh so crazy acceptance. Therefore we embraced it ourselves. Why not?

We went FULL Halloween for our baby’s first birthday.

We had a cake on the actual day, see Baby Betsy is One. We had the combo slightly inappropriate, but well seasoned and nicely timed, themed party on Sunday 30th. Mass day.bitmoji-20161102095755

Any tips from this Mammy of a Halloween baby on how to party? Sure.


  1. Salad and Meat. My first tip is feed the adults with something you can pick at all day. October is a hungry month. I had sliced up some joints (heehee) turkey, ham and beef (call them  Sliced Irish man, English man and Scotsman if you will). We had a selection of salads. There is nothing scarier than a salad for dinner so bang on theme.bitmoji-20161102095952
  2. Think Yucky for Snacks that are Yummy to Eat.
    Face only visible if you look down on the platter.  Otherwise it looked like a badly presented pile o’ citrus.

    With help from the Internet guru of the millennium,  we did fun things with fruit.

    Who can resist a puking watermelon with wonky eyes?
  3. Party Games Need No Explanation. Halloween party games need no extra thinking. They have been on the go for decades! soap-bubble-824591_640Bobbing for apples, biting hanging apples and Mummy wrapping in toilet paper cannot fail to amuse. If all else fails: bubbles.
  4. Weather Will Be On Your Side. .. If I were planning an August party, it would rain. Gigi’s Easter party did rain. I had no extra bouncy castles for fear of wind or other amusements. mountains-1012425_640.jpg The kids got on bikes and went outside for hours, wrapped in coats and woolies frolicking to the backdrop of the autumnal perfection of gold, russet and brown.

  5. Decorations. It is so easy just to go for it.  20161025_093006-1.jpgHandmade or bought, Halloween decorations can be cheap, cheerful and effective. Ours came from ‘Designer’ cost effective stores such as Jimmy’s and Dealz.
  6.  Fun with Food. I mentioned the fruit already. Now we have the cookies, cakes and all things sugary.
    Eyeballs and dismembered fingers…first birthday fun??!!

    So much trickery can be done with these.


  7. Halloween Hits! Cheese central. Cannot go wrong.ghostbusters-1515155_640  Monster Mash. Ghost busters theme. Thriller.

Rocking party for the little people. Costumes aplenty, face paints and fried chicken will bring you much party pleasantry.

Betsy loved her soiree. Mutant school children, vampires and devils alike. She was a dainty little ladybug. Smiling all day long! Mammy and Daddy put their feet up when all the little monsters went to bed. Partying for little people is tough work for parents. I happily ate several gingerbread people (unisex,  equal rights) alive. Snap!


42 thoughts on “How to Theme a One Year Old’s Party for Halloween…

  1. What lovely photos from the birthday preparations. Children love the tactile and touch and feel everything. One of my sisters on her birthday used to love to grab the flowers on top of the cake and eat them while we waited for our turn. It was funny to watch. Happy writing to you. ^__^

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  2. Salad=scary! Love it. The watermelon, I think, is my favorite. I don’t have a one-year old party to plan, but I do have a little dinner party. And I see no reason NOT to try your suggestions with 30 and 40 somethings too! 🙂

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  3. How Great! My favorite party to plan is my kiddos first! Everyone says I’m crazy for going all out, but this isn’t just about celebrating them, this one is about celebrating family, and hey, let’s get real this is the only one where I have full choice of theme! 😉

    Love your playful spooky theme!!

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