Disney on Ice

Saturday last, November 11th, saw the Paper family on their way to Dublin, bright and early, for their family day out at Disney on Ice. This major event in our frosty, November, pre-Christmas days took place in CityWest hotel in Dublin. As we took in the early show, we were on the road-well-early!

The Frozen Float in Euro Disney. What a memory.

I am an unashamed Disney lover. Sold from an early age, I was an only child for almost twelve years and this colourful world of magic and music was a wonderful companion. Mary Poppins was my first movie. We taped it from the actual TV on a (now ancient) grey video recorder. 1983. The latest thing on the market. My parents won one in a competition. Not having a clue what it did, they tried to change it but luckily they were convinced otherwise. Hence Disney came to my life. Having the opportunity to share anything Disney with my little ladies is more than a privilege. It is a life dream that I didn’t even know I had.

Disney on Ice cost 126 euros for the four of us. I heard plenty about it but had never experienced it first hand. It needed to be worth the cost! Was it? Let me just say how much our children loved it. Our three year old never budged throughout the whole pretty performance. Entranced. She got to see Ariel in action (a favourite). The singing, gliding and twirling riveted her little curly head, eyes glued to the rink. The crowd was huge- overwhelmed by the size of the audience and all their glitzy lights, I am not sure she took in that they were all actually people. However, the rink and skaters held her every bit of attention so the immense crowd melted away and was forgotten. The show opened with moments from Zootroplis but then we had the beauty of The Lion King to enjoy. The gasps of awe at the skaters’ dexterity in a pretty stunning display as Simba and Nala fell in love to the tune of Can you feel the love tonight? were very real. The tricks were astounding. Beautiful opener. My little ones might not have appreciated the skill shown, but they did love the animals. Truly stunning displays of skill on ice made the adults happy. All told through the pretty sparkle and the colour of a Disney story. Our kids were hooked.

We were shown four classic tales, about thirty minutes each. Condensed versions of the movies with key songs from each film performed.

From the nostalgic classic Peter Pan to the nineties’ Disney game changer that was The Little Mermaid, we were waltzed beautifully to the modern blockbuster Frozen for the showstopper. Let it Go was a gorgeous solo performance. Elsa slipped on the ice occasionally causing heart stopping moments, but it barely caused a stir. The professional that she was, she was up and gliding instantly, hardly missing a beat. The atmosphere was electric.

The arena itself is an arcade of sales and marketing for Disney merchandise that is cute, colourful and costly. Snacks that could cost twelve euro- think bag of candlyfloss- need to be thought about twice. Bring your own bites for the children and only spend on what could be a real treat.

My Final Analysis: Amazing skill on show. Worth the money here. You get real bang for your buck in the performances given. It is worth anything to experience Disney magic live. Avoid the overpriced merchandise if possible and sit back to enjoy what is a truly feel good atmosphere, as you watch a captivating show. Would we do it again? Absolutely. Of course, another benefit of being in City West is the close proximity to the enormous Avoca outlet. Disney feelgoods and a little treat for later? Win win for all concerned! Great day out. Until next time, signing out with a piece of Baked Raspberry Cheesecake.

28 thoughts on “Disney on Ice

  1. Cute! I remember going to see the Icecapades when I was little (Alas, Disney on Ice wasn’t in my neck of the woods). The skaters’ skill is pretty amazing — it takes a lot to create a stage show on ice.


  2. Glad you had a great time. I got into Disney late in life. It wasn’t until I had my babygirl 7yrs ago that I really started to appreciate Disney (though I also loved Mary Poppins as a child). I think my daughter would absolutely love it. Especially the Zootropolis bit.

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  3. You’ve made me feel quite nostalgic – took ours to see it at Wembley years ago. I used to buy a Disney video every year at Christmas from the time my eldest was born….have nothing to play them on now but they were well loved – my fav is 101 Dalmations as was first I saw at cinema! Glad your little ladies still enjoying it x

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  4. It’s crazy to me, but Disney magic IS worth it. I know I’m going to pay a billion dollars, but they just do it right. We went on a Disney Cruise when my son was 4. It could not have been better. Every single person was kind and had really bought in to the idea of magic. Even the Disney on Ice show sounds like a quality production where little ones can’t help but feel swept away. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.

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  5. I’ve never been to a Disney on ice show. I don’t know if my boys will be interested in that or not, but it’s worth checking out. I remember I used to watch the Ice Capades when I was little. 🙂 I might just have to go to one of these shows even if my kids aren’t interested. I bet it’d be a great girl’s night out!

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  6. Oooh your family must have loved this! I’ve never seen any kind of show on ice. Is it chilly while you’re watching?

    I didn’t go to Avoca for yeeears. It’s good to see they are still going strong and selling lovely things.

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  7. I doubt I would ever attend a Disney on Ice show. Not that I’m not a fan of Disney (I totally am), but musicals set to skating wouldn’t normally be my thing.

    I mention this to highlight how perfect your prose was in this post. I suppose this is a review of a review, but I can’t resist. Lilting, light and magical. I cold tell that this was a captivating and perfect experience for you and the entire Paper family. Makes me so happy…

    I’m (almost) willing to make the trip to see what the show is all about.

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  8. When I saw the title of this post I thought “Wow, Orla must really love Disney! What lucky kids she has.” 🙂 I remember going to Disney on Ice when I was very young, and how much I loved it. Reliving the experience through your post was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing!

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