Karma Bites

They may get older but some things haven’t changed!


I have made no secret of my love of yummies. Treats are treats. Sometimes they are a gluttony. Other times they are a necessity. 

I also try very hard to be ‘good’ and I am always very ‘good’ in front of my children.  I encourage that treats for them are healthy. mother-1647831_640Am I a saint?  Unlike that godly lady, Mother Teresa, no.

So the other day, after eight classes teaching English in a sweltering classroom on a humid day, with the thud of a sinus pain in the back of my head, swinging its rucksack as it marched cheerily alongside PMT in a war against my sanity, I needed to eat.

Problem was, I wanted cheese. Chocolate. Fizzy pop. All things that make sinus sing a louder song of pain. That didn’t matter. PMT had sinus by the neck. I needed the nasty naughties.

I tried to do it secretly.

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